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Explore Overseas Student Teaching Options

Did you know that as an Education student, you can still study abroad? Education students can:

  • do a semester abroad prior to their block scheduling starting (if applicable),
  • take summer courses abroad, and
  • do one of their student teaching placements abroad.

Student Teaching
In addition to semester or summer options, Oswego Education students have the opportunity to participate in student teaching overseas.   Students can do either their first or second placement overseas (pending approval from the Education Department) and get a unique cultural experience while fulfilling their education degree requirements. Please note: student teaching placements are only open to SUNY Oswego students.

Course Offerings by Major or Minor
Below are links to our programs that offer courses in specific subject areas.  Note: Students are NOT limited to taking courses in their major or minor while overseas.

Education (includes Childhood and Adolescent) Physical Education
Technology Education Technology Management
TESOL Vocational Teacher Preparation
Wellness Management 
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Advisement and Course Approval
If you are interested in taking Education courses while abroad, it is good to start this conversation with your advisor. You may also contact a faculty liason for your major or minor department.

Students must receive approval of their courses by their respective major or minor advisor using the Course Approval Form (.pdf).  Non-Oswego students may use their home campus' equivalent.