Summer Graduate Courses 2013
Make the most of your summer.
Current Undergraduate Students

A graduate level course can give you the additional academic expertise needed for your future. If you are a senior in good academic standing, enrolled in a bachelor's degree program and only need nine credit hours or fewer to graduate, you are eligble to enroll in a graduate course.

Getting Started:

You are eligble to enroll in a graduate course if you meet the following conditions:

  • You have at least a 3.25 GPA in your major and at least 3.0 cumulative GPA for all college work at SUNY Oswego. 
  • You have the approval of your advisor, the course instructor and the department chair in which the course is offered. 
  • Your class load does not exceed twelve credit hours. 
  • Check out the list of summer programs
Additional Notes:
  • You may enroll in a maximum of six credit hours of graduate credit. 
  • You must submit the completed petition and supporting documents to the Dean of Graduate Studies prior to the deadline for adding courses. 
  • Be aware that a combined enrollment in both graduate and undergraduate study may affect financial aid eligibility. 
  • Understand that granting of graduate credit is contingent upon completion of undergraduate degree requirements. Should you not graduate for any reason at the end of the semester, all graduate credit will automatically revert to undergraduate credit. 
Online Information Session
Class Dates
Session 1: May 28 - June 14 (3 weeks)
Session 2: June 17 - July 3 (3 weeks)
Session 3: July 8 - July 26 (3 weeks)
Session 4: July 29 - August 16 (3 weeks)
Session 1–2: May 28 - July 3 (6 weeks)
Session 3–4: July 8 - August (6 weeks)
Session 1–4: May 28 - August 16 (12 weeks)