Peace Corps

Peace Corps
Combining graduate school and Peace Corps
Program Overview

SUNY Oswego's Division of Graduate Studies has been selected to partner with the Peace Corps Master's International Program in Agricultural Education and Mathematics Education. The Master's International (MI) Program, established in 1987 produces Peace Corps Volunteers with additional education and skills to serve overseas.

Check out this Blog by Teresa Korbesmeyer, Peace Corps Volunteer and recent grad from Oswego, NY who is currently serving in Botswana.

Our Peace Corps Masters International

The Master's International Program gives you as a graduate student in the MSEd Agricultural Education and MAT Adolescent Mathematics Programs an opportunity to pursue meaningful interactions with different cultures through their Peace Corps experience. The benefit of an international placement will help you to better conceptualize your ability to work effectively as a teacher or community educator in a diverse environment.

SUNY Oswego is one of the largest providers of study abroad opportunities among SUNY colleges which us well positioned to develop a thriving, self-sustaining Peace Corps Master's International Program.

Scholarships, assistantships, academic credit, and stipends available. Call us at (315) 312-3152 to for more information about applying. Get involved today!

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