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1.) In the top right of the assistantship webpage there is a Login/Register button. Click that button to go to the Login/Register screen.

2.) Once on that screen you will need to decide if you are an “Employer” (Graduate Assistantship poster) or a “Seeker”. ( prospective graduate assistant)

3.) Choose a Username.

4.) Put in your oswego.edu email adress. (Must be an oswego.edu email address if you plan on posting an assistantship. No posts from an non oswego.edu will be approved)

5.) Create a password. This does not need to be your oswego.edu password.

6.) Select create an account.

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Use the form to the right of the Register form to login to your account.

How to Submit an Assistantship
1.) Click on the “Submit an Assistantship” button.
2.) Fill out your Department name, the Assistantship Description or “job title”, a position description of the assistantship responsibilities or requirements and then tell your applicant how they can apply or reach you. Please note that they can use the boards feature to inquire about the position. An email will be sent to you if they decide to use that option.
3.) Click next and review your posting. Then submit.
4.) Your assistantship has now been sent to the board administrator for review. This typically shouldn’t take more than 24 hours. It is to ensure proper use and to avoid spam. Once approved your listing will be posted.

How to post a Resume
1.) Login or Register.
2.) Navigate to “My Dashboard”
3.) Click on the “Resumes” tab and select the “Add Resume” button.
4.) Fill out the resume form and save.
5.) Review and Publish.

In order to look over resumes you must be logged into the Graduate Assistantship board.
*Video tutorials will be available in the future.

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