Art (MA)

Master of Arts
Art is as individual as the artist. As a student in SUNY Oswego’s Art graduate program, you will have the opportunity to study a variety of media. No matter what emphasis you choose, you will be able to perfect your skills through hands-on experience.
Studio emphasis

As a student in the art program, you will have the opportunity for in-depth study of ceramics, drawing, illustration, painting, photography, printmaking, or sculpture while gaining a greater understanding of the latest developments in art theory, history and criticism.


Through discussions and critiques, you will be able to show your artwork and your progress through a final exhibition.

Advisors and mentors in your education

Throughout your education, you will work closely with a faculty member who will also serve as your mentor. Graduates of SUNY Oswego’s program continue on to successful careers as professors, gallery workers and graphic designers; many have been accepted in esteemed MFA programs.

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Admission requirements
Official transcripts showing confirmation of a Bachelor's degree
Purpose Statement
Indicate your purpose for applying to this master’s degree program. Identify any particular area of interest within the major field you are applying to, your plans for future occupation and/or profession and any additional information which may be of help in evaluating your preparation and your fitness for graduate study at SUNY Oswego.
Two letters of recommendation
Portfolio displaying at least ten works showing versatility in a variety of media
Application deadline
July 1 (Suggested)
Length of program
30 credit hours
Application Fee
$65 application fee
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SUNY Oswego helped Gina Sherwood travel to Scotland to design and create materials for BrewDog, in a position she described as her "dream job."
After being awarded a Festa Fellowship, Sherwood traveled to Scotland to work as a graphic designer and brand representative at BrewDog, a "post-punk apocalyptic" brewery.