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New York ResidentNon-residentMBA - New York ResidentMBA - Non-resident
Full-time $9,870 $18,350 $12,130 $20,150
Part-time $411 (per credit) $765 (per credit) $505 (per credit) $840 (per credit)
1 class (3 credits) $1233 $2295 $1515 $2520


Understanding expenses
Oswego remains committed to providing students with the best education possible at an affordable cost.

Graduate students attending Oswego must pay both tuition and related fees. Housing charges are dependent upon the student’s choice of living accommodations. The cost of books and supplies, recreation, travel and other variable or discretionary expenses must also be considered by students in planning a budget.
All graduate students attending Oswego must pay tuition and college fees (not included in the above costs). Housing charges are dependent upon the student's choice of living accommodations. The cost of books and supplies, recreation, travel and other variable or discretionary expenses have not been tabulated; however, such expenses must be considered by students in planning a budget.


Tuition reflects 2013-2014 charges. All rates are subject to change for future years.


Physical presence in New York State does not constitute legal residence in the state.

New York State residents are those individuals who, at the time of their registration, have in good faith established a permanent home in the state.

College students cannot gain resident status unless they can clearly establish that their previous domicile has been abandoned and a new one established in New York.

The residence of a minor is, unless emancipated, that of their parent. Proof of emancipation must include evidence of financial independence. An individual whose domicile has been in New York state for a one-year period prior to registration pays in-state tuition rates.

Persons who do not meet this one-year requirement are out-of-state residents and pay out-of-state tuition rates. Persons in New York state less than one year prior to registration must use the "Standard Application for New York State Resident Status" to request a change to in-state tuition rates.

Refund Policy

According to SUNY administrative policies, students who are given permission to cancel their registration shall be liable for payment of tuition in accordance with the following schedule. Saturday is deemed to be the end of each week for refund purposes.

Period of Time Percent of Liability
1st week............0%
2nd week............30%
3rd week............50%
4th week............70%
5th week............100%

Room rent for a quarter is not refundable after a student has registered and occupied a room unless the student leaves the college to enter military service or it is determined by the president of the college that the student is leaving for reasons beyond the student's control. Charges for board are refundable on the basis of meals consumed. Identification or coupon books must be surrendered to the food service office. Full details on the refund policy are available in the Student Accounts Office in Culkin Hall and at their web site.

There are several options for financing your Graduate Education. Contact the Office of Graduate Studies at (315) 312-3152 to speak to a representative.

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Financial Aid Office
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