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Global Awareness Conference

The Global Awareness Conference (or GAC) is a day and a half on campus conference that gives students, faculty, staff, and members of the community the opportunity to learn about other cultures and global issues as well as present on topics they are passionate about.  These presentations include a wide range of topics and formats. Presenters are welcome to create talks, posters, exhibits, demonstrations, and activities for the conference attendees.

The format and schedule of the conference shifts according to the content that is submitted by the college and the community. The conference typically starts with an opening reception, a welcoming speaker, and a documentary discussing the importance of global engagement. The following day is filled with dozens of programs focused on educating the audience about other cultures and issues and giving them the opportunity to celebrate those cultural differences.

Any questions regarding the conference can be directed to Rebecca Burch: rebecca.burch@oswego.edu

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The 2014 conference:

Friday, November 7 and Saturday November 8



(Deadline for submissions is 10/1/14)

Keynote Speaker

Sonali Samarasinghe

Sonali Samarasinghe is a lecturer, editor, journalist, lawyer and human rights activist. A former diplomat, Sonali is the winner of several international awards for journalism and human rights activism. She is the first woman to launch and edit a national newspaper in Sri Lanka. Samarasinghe worked for more than two decades fighting for justice, freedom, and accountability in her country of origin, Sri Lanka. Shortly after government-sponsored assassins murdered her husband in 2009, she was driven from Sri Lanka by threats to her own life.

For her continued work in exile and her courageous journey in journalism, she was awarded the Images and Voices of Hope Award for Print and Digital Journalism 2011 in New York. Just months before she was forced to flee her country, Samarasinghe had, in a series of investigative articles, exposed the corruption of a powerful government minister linked to Sri Lanka's President. For this body of work, in 2008, Samarasinghe was awarded the Global Shining Light Award for Investigative Journalism, by the Global Investigative Journalist Conference in Norway.

She is a contracted author with Penguin, and is currently working on a book on Sri Lankan politics and the media. In April 2014, her chapbook of poetry, The Land My Father Gave Me was published in Ithaca, New York. A collection of her humorous vignettes is scheduled for publication in April 2015 in New York.  

Ms Samarasinghe's keynote, "The Silent Majority and the Politics of the Other" will be held at 7 PM on Saturday November 8th in Lanigan 101.

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