Hart Global Awareness Conference

Presented by Hart Global Living and Learning Center

Hart Global Living and Learning Center

Global Awareness Conference

The Global Awareness Conference (or GAC) is a day and a half on campus conference that gives students, faculty, staff, and members of the community the opportunity to learn about other cultures and global issues as well as present on topics they are passionate about.  These presentations include a wide range of topics and formats. Presenters are welcome to create talks, posters, exhibits, demonstrations, and activities for the conference attendees.

The format and schedule of the conference shifts according to the content that is submitted by the college and the community. The conference typically starts with an opening reception, a welcoming speaker, and a documentary discussing the importance of global engagement. The following day is filled with dozens of programs focused on educating the audience about other cultures and issues and giving them the opportunity to celebrate those cultural differences.

Any questions regarding the conference can be directed to Rebecca Burch: rebecca.burch@oswego.edu

The 2013 conference:

gac 2013 poster

Friday, November 8 and Saturday November 9



(Deadline for submissions is 10/1/13)

Keynote Speakers

GAC Keynote Gabriel Bol Deng

GAC keynote Jessica Minhas

Special Guests:

GAC 2013 Fritzs Polka Band

GAC 2013 Patrick Joseph

2013 Schedule