Assessment Coordinator

Dr. K. Brad Wray, Assessment Coordinator

I have been the Assessment Coordinator on campus since Fall 2009.  I have had extensive training in the assessment of student learning at conferences and workshop conducted by nationally recognized experts, and I have an excellent understanding of the expectations of SUNY Central Administration and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

I have two main responsibilities:

First, I help departments with major and program assessment.  I can assist departments with (i) developing or revising assessment plans, (ii) developing program learning outcomes, (iii) developing or identifying effective instruments for assessing learning outcomes, (iv) interpreting assessment data, and (v) articulating a plan of action in light of the assessment data you have gathered.

Second, I am responsible for providing faculty with assessment-related training opportunities.  In addition to working with departments and aiding departments and faculty members in getting support to attend assessment-related workshops and conferences, I have organized a series of assessment workshops on campus.  More than 250 faculty members and administrators have attended these campus workshops in the last 18 months.

My work on campus is supported by the Assessment Advisory Committee (AAC), the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, and the Provost's Office.

If you want assistance in assessing student learning or in organizing an assessment workshop for your department, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


phone:  312-2781