Faculty Assembly Admissions and Student Services

Opportunities for Faculty-Student Interaction

Activity Long Term Short Term Academic Extra-curricular Contact Information
1 Academic advisement (advising individual students pursuing a major or minor in your department) LT ST A
Department Chair | Advisement Coordinator for Department | Student Advisement Center, Kathleen Evans (Director), x2240 | First-Year Programs, Michelle Bandla (Coordinator), x3068

2 Advising students on careers in your field of expertise LT ST A
Department Faculty Members | Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK), Michelle Tackett-Spinner (Coordinator), x2258 | Career Services, Bob Casper (Director), x2255

3 Advising or mentoring students interested in attending graduate school
Department Faculty Members | Career Services, Bob Casper (Director), x2255 | Graduate Studies & Research, TBA (Dean), x3152 | Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program (CSTEP), Adrianne Morton (Coordinator), x2594 | McNair Scholars Program, Adrianne Morton (Coordinator), x2594

4 Engaging in research projects with students LT
Department Chair

5 Supervising thesis projects LT
Department Chair

6 Supervising independent study projects LT
Department Chair

7 Supervising independent study projects LT
A EX Department Internship Coordinator | Experience Based Education, Paul Roodin (Director), x2151 | Community Service & Service Learning, Christy Huynh (Coordinator), x5360

8 Directing honors thesis LT
College Honors Program-Norm Weiner/Robert Moore 312-2190 Student Initiated/ Academic Departments

9 Working with grad assistants LT
Graduate Office 312-3152/ Department Chair

10 Arranging student Quest panels LT
Center for Excellence Learning and Teaching (CELT) Bill Bosch 312-2875

11 Attending student programs at Quest and arrange student panels for Quest
ST A EX See Quest web pages

12 Departmental seminars
Department Chair

13 Taking students to conferences (with or without presentation)
ST A EX Department chairs/ Dean

14 Sponsor events within departments (movies, guest speakers, etc.)
ST A EX Contact department chair, advisement coordinator.

15 16 Internship Fairs Job Fairs Graduate School Fairs
Career Services Office -- Bob Casper (casper@oswego.edu) or Gary Morris (gmorris@oswego.edu), 312-2255 Experienced Bases Education (EBE) -- Paul Roodin (roodin@oswego.edu), 312-2151

16 Serve on one-time panel discussions concerning various topics on campus
ST A EX Public Affiars Office, Speakers Bureau, Julie Blissert (blissert@oswego.edu) or Tim Nekritz (nekritz@oswego.edu), 312-2265 Interdisciplanary Program Activity Center (IPAC) -- Stephen Rosow (rosow@oswego.edu) 312-3236 Student Organization Services -- Michael Paestella (paestell@oswego.edu), 312-5744 Residence Life and Housing -- Charles Weeks,(weeks@oswego.edu) 312-2246 Student Advisement Center --Robin McAleese (rmcalees@oswego.edu)

17 Class announcements - students can announce things going on
ST A EX Offer the students in your classes the opportunity to make announcements about their club or sports activities.

18 SCAC -- Scholarly and Creative Activity Grants -- students grants LT
Provost Office -- Mike Ameigh (ameigh@oswego.edu) , 312-3500

19 Funding Resources

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) -- Linda Cook (lcook@oswego.edu), 312-2561 Auxiliary Services -- 312-2106 Development Offices -- 312-3003

20 Serve as guest speaker for groups/clubs on campus
ST A EX Mike Paestella (paestell@oswego.edu), Robin McAleese, (rmcalees@oswego.edu)    All Student Affairs departments Julie Blissert (blissert@oswego.edu)

21 Advising a student club or organization LT
A EX Mike Paestella (paestell@oswego.edu), 312-2301

22 Participating as a presenter, advisor, a faculty resident, or just visitng the programs of living-learning communites LT ST A EX Robin McAleese (rmcalees@oswego.edu), 312-2240; Chuck Weeks, 312-2246; Michelle Bandla (bandla@oswego.edu), 312-3068

23 Student-faculty committees for campus planning LT ST A EX Student Association 312-3602, Liz McGrath; Facilities Design 312-2592, Jerry Desantis; Faculty Assembly 312-2481, Susan Camp

24 Making interdisciplinary connections within the content area to problem-solve LT ST A EX Center for Excellence Learning and Teaching (CELT) John Kane 312-2875 ; Interdisciplinary Programs & Activities Center (IPAC)

25 Faculty-students working together on community service projects LT ST A EX Center for Service Learning and Community Service Christie Huynh 312-2505; Tutoring Program (Education Majors) Kathy Flaherty 312-2248

26 Varying instructional pedagogy to impart a variety of knowledge, skills and ablities to students LT
Center for Excellence Learning and Teaching (CELT) John Kane 312-2875

27 Linking classroom and out-of-class experiences LT ST A EX Center for Service Learning and Community Service Christie Huynh 312-2505; Career Services Bob Casper 312-2255; Campus Life Mike Paestella, 312-2301

28 Connecting faculty with first year students LT
First Year Advisement Michelle Bandla 312-3068; Student Advisement Center 312-2240; Residence Life 312-2246

29 Faculty-student study groups on a topic of mutual interest. LT ST A EX

30 Faculty attending and participating student productions in athletics, Art, Theatre, Music Attend athletic contests.
ST A EX Artswego - Mary Avrakotos, 4581
Athletics Department - Tim Hale, 2378
Faculty members and participants

31 Take Your Students to the Arts
EX Artswego- Mary Avrakotos, 4581
Tyler Box Office, 2141
Auxiliary Services, 2106

32 Offering courses within learning communities where content is subject to dialogue with colleagues, strategies for delivering coursework are collaborative with colleagues in the learning community, and a cohort of students learn through linked interactive experiences. LT ST A EX Rhonda Mandel, 2232
Kathy Evans, 2240
Jim Scharfenberger, 3214
Michelle Bandla, 3068

33 Live at Hart Hall as a resident faculty member LT

EX Residence Life, Rhonda Mandel, (mandel@oswego.edu)  2232

34 Throw a party for the TA and lab Managers at the end of the term
EX Hewitt Dining, Mike Glad (gladzisz@oswego.edu), 2992

35 Going to lakeside caf̩ (or any dining facility on campus)
EX Hewitt Dining, Mike Glad (gladzisz@oswego.edu), 2992

36 Fast food program for faculty and students - provides money for bringing faculty to lunch with students
EX Rick Kolenda (x2246; kolenda@oswego.edu) Residential Life and Housing

37 Faculty presentations in residence halls (all residence halls have faculty who present on various topics throughout the academic year) LT ST A EX Jenn Moran (jmoran@oswego.edu)- Program Coordinator (x2915; jmoran1@oswego.edu); Residential Life and Housing

38 Serve as faculty mentor to athletic team LT

ex Tim Hale (x2378; thale @oswego.edu); IAB liaison Chris Mack (x3919; cmack@oswego.edu)

39 Join Fitness Centers LT
Marie Shuman (x2246; mshuman@oswego.edu); Residential Life and Housing

40 Hiring Students to work for a department

Departments, Financial Aid - Kathy Flaherty (X2248; flahertk@oswego.edu) Auxiliary Services Temporary Services payroll (x2106)

41 Attend programs in residence halls

Residence Life

42 Staff teaching classes

All Student Affairs departments

43 Questions about student employment

Finacial Aid; Auxiliary Services

44 Leadership Development Faculty and Student Interaction

ALANA Student Leadership Conference Campus Life LEAD Center Programs and Services Pilot Management/Leadership program w/the School of Business