PP Nov 4 Minutes

Priorities and Planning
November 4, 2011
English Department Conference Room

Present: Marcia Burrell-Ihlow (guest), Sue Camp, Jean Chambers (recorder), Cynthia Clabough, Dean Crawford, Judy McCabe, Al Stamm (Chair), Dan Tryon

1. We approved the minutes of October 14, 2011, with one revision. "New Dept of defense of MOU" should be revised to read "New Dept. of Defense MOU in process."

2. Al Stamm circulated the updated list of members of Priorities and Planning. He will contact Tom Darvill to see whether he is interested in attending regularly to represent the social and behavioral sciences.

3. Marcia Burrell-Ihlow came to discuss the proposed changes to the MATs in math and chemistry offered by the School of Education. The MAT degree is the Master of Arts in Teaching. It includes graduate level courses in the relevant content area (chemistry or math). By contrast, the MST degree is the Master of Science for Teachers. It does not include graduate level content courses. A graduate of the School of Education with a concentration in math or chemistry would work toward an MSED (Master of Science in Education), which includes 12 credits in the relevant content area.

Enrollments in these programs are expected to stay level. No new resources will be required for the proposed changes, which will in fact reduce requirements slightly.

We unanimously approved the revisions to the MAT in Chemistry.

We unanimously approved the revisions to the MAT in Mathematics.

4. Cynthia Clabough brought up the issue of a shortage of seats in the Intellectual Issues category Explorations in the Natural Sciences. We agreed that we need facts and figures to justify any short-term measures. Jean will contact the CLAS Dean's office for information. She and Cynthia volunteered to draw up a proposal for a short-term solution to be presented at Faculty Assembly.

5. The next meeting is scheduled for November 18th. Cynthia may be late due to a scheduling conflict.

6. The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.