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General Faculty Assembly Agenda Archive

General Faculty Assembly Agenda Archive

May 3rd, 2010



Monday, May 3, 2010

4:00-5:30 PM

***Room 305 Park***

The General Faculty meeting will follow an abbreviated Faculty Assembly meeting in the same room from 3:00-3:55 PM.

I. Approval of Agenda

II. Approval of Minutes, General Faculty Meeting of February 1, 2010 (available at

III. President's Report – Deborah F. Stanley

IV. Faculty Senate Report—Laura Brown

V. UUP Report – Steve Abraham

VI. Chair of Faculty Assembly Report – Susan Camp

VII. New Business

       A. Election of Faculty Assembly Chair

       B. Election of 2nd Alternate Faculty Senator

       C. Approval of Candidates for degrees

                   1. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences—R. Mandel

                   2. School of Business—R. Skolnik

                   3. School of Communication, Media, and the Arts—F. Messere

                   4. School of Education—L.R. Markert

                   5. Division of Extended Learning—Y. Petrella

                   6. Division of Graduate Studies—D. King

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