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Faculty Assembly Agenda
Faculty Assembly Agenda
April 7th, 2008



APRIL 7th 2008

3:00-5:00 PM




I.  Approval of Agenda

II.  Approval of March 17, 2008 Minutes

III.  Faculty Assembly Chair’s Report – S. Camp

IV.  Reports of Councils, Committees and Task Forces

V.  Elections

--Admissions and Student Services Council (one FA seat, 1 semester)

--Library Council (one non-FA seat, 1-semester)

--Retention task force (1 Humanities, 1 Sciences, 1 SoCMA)

VI.  Unfinished business

--Geology BA program revisions (see doc on web

--Geology BS program revisions (see doc on web

--Electronic Mail Accounts as Official Mechanism of Communication proposal (see doc on web

--Graduation Outcomes APC proposed wording (see doc on web and

--Faculty By-laws Appendix A:  Section I.  Paragraphs D. E. G. H. proposals (

VII.    New Business

VIII.   Issues, Challenges, other

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