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Faculty Assembly Agenda Archive
Faculty Assembly Agenda Archive
April 27th, 2009

*April 27, 2009*

*3:00 - 3:55 PM*

*Room 305 Park Hall*


I.      Approval of Agenda


II.      Approval of April 13, 2009 minutes


III.      FA Chair's Report - Susan Camp


IV.      Reports of Councils, Committees and Task Forces


V.      Unfinished business

--DSI 2009 Calendar

--Family and Consumer Sciences (all grades) B. S. new program

--Agricultural Education revisions

--Business and Marketing Education revisions

--Art BA Track II-Art History Emphasis revisions

--Literacy Education: Birth through Grade 6 MSED revisions

--Literacy Education: Grades 5-12 MSED revisions

--Transfer student appeals process for course evaluation

--Graduate admissions appeals process

-- Proposal for a Task Force on Admission to a Major or Change of Major

VI.      New Business



Minutes, handouts, agendas, membership, councils, bylaws of the Faculty Assembly can be accessed at


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