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Faculty Assembly Agenda Archive
Faculty Assembly Agenda
February 23rd, 2009


*February 23rd, 2009*

*3:00-5:00 PM*

*Room 305 Park Hall*


I.    Approval of Agenda

II.    Approval of February 9, 2009 minutes

III.    FA Chair's Report - Susan Camp

IV.    Reports of Councils, Committees and Task Forces

V.    Office of Learning Services report-Elyzabeth Wengert

VI.    Elections
--Elections for vacancies on Student Association Senate (1seat)

VII.    Unfinished business
--Faculty Senate Resolution regarding budget transparency and consultation
--Faculty Senate Resolution regarding reducing the layers of assessment throughout SUNY
--Risk Management proposed BS
--2010-2011 Calendar
--2011-2012 Calendar
--2012-2013 Calendar
--APC proposals:
  • No course may have a grade requirement as a prerequisite,
  • No course may have a GPA requirement as a prerequisite, and
--Library representation on UCC, Priorities and Planning and General Education

VIII.    New Business

Minutes, handouts, agendas, membership, councils, bylaws of the Faculty Assembly can be accessed at

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