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Faculty Assembly Agenda Archive
Faculty Assembly Agenda Archive
November 2nd, 2009



*Faculty Assembly*

*November 2, 2009*

*3:00 – 5:00 PM*

*Room 305 Park Hall*

I.    Approval of Agenda


II.   Approval of October 19, 2009 minutes


III. FA Chair’s Report – S. Camp


IV.  Reports of Councils, Committees and Task Forces


V.   University Faculty Senate report—Gwen Kay


VI.  FTE calculation—Mehran Nojan


VII. Transfer services report—Chris Hockey


VIII. Elections for vacancies on FA Councils and Committees

Priorities and Planning Council (1 Librarian seat)

Library Council (1 non-FA seat)

Student Association Senate (3 faculty or professional staff seats)


XI. Unfinished business

--Parking resolution if a revised resolution is presented

--General Education recommendation to change Prerequisites for all Intellectual Issues courses from “completion of all basic skills requirements and knowledge foundations courses or permission of instructor” to “junior standing” 

--Proposed changes to B.S. Environmental Geology Program Track II (old program temporarily suspended) (available at

--Proposed 2013-2014 College Calendar—(available at


X.      New Business

--Meeting during the college hour

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