Faculty Assembly Minutes Archive

April 18th, 2011

Chair: Susan Camp

Recorder: Sarah Lewis

Members Absent: J. Lei, A. Fairbrother, Educational Administration Department, R. Brooks, G. Ketcham, N. Weiner.

The meeting was called to order at 3:11 PM.

I. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved as distributed.

II. Approval of March 21st, 2011 Minutes
The minutes were approved as distributed.

III. FA Chair's Report - S. Camp
The Chair began her report by introducing Stephanie Bischoping who will be replacing the current clerk Sarah Lewis in the Fall. She stated that Stephanie is here today to get a feel for what the meetings are like and her responsibilities during the meeting.
She then continued her report by stating that Winfield Ihlow and she traveled to SUNY Fredonia to the Faculty Senate meeting. She then showed the Assembly the newly updated mobility website at http://www.suny.edu/currentstudents/ which is one of the many initiatives across SUNY.
Dr. Camp then continued her report by reminding everyone that two years ago the Assembly approved two Presidential Service awards that were subsequently approved by President Stanley. The first round of nominations was received earlier this year. This past Friday Dr. Marcia Burrell received the President's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service and Ms. Michelle Bandla received the President's Award for Excellence in Professional Staff Service. This included a cash award for their excellence. She asked the Assembly to please consider nominating colleagues next fall. She is asking the Provost's office to put all possible Faculty and Staff Awards on an easy to access site on Oswego.edu.
She lastly reported that the Campus Budget Advisory Group met last week and that 6 faculty and 19 others were present. She reported that it is likely that our budget cuts will be worse than first estimated. She stated that the SUNY Hospitals cut will be spread across the system and there is a bill being introduced to increase undergraduate tuition by 5.5%. She noted that 5.5% will not cover our recent cuts, and to please encourage your colleagues to come on May 2nd to talk with the President about our budget.

IV. Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces
Personnel Policies will be emailing out the DSI calendar and it will be on the agenda for approval at the next Faculty Assembly meeting. There will also be calls sent out to faculty for service on councils and committees as well as for Faculty Assembly Chair.
Academic Policies Council met on April 8th, and approved the revisions to the B.A. in Creative writing. The council also passed revisions to the Business Administration B.S., however this time it was done with the revised wording under "B. Elective Requirements" to state:
"6 cr at the 300- or 400- level in School of Business courses in a sequence under advisement, three hours of which may be from upper division Economics"
The proposal from the Middle States working group to mandate items to be included in course syllabi passed, but with modified wording to emphasize that these are guidelines, not mandates. The council suggested that if department chairs enforce the existing policies on syllabi then new policies are not necessary. The Council preferred the wording, "Recommended Minimum Content of Course Syllabi" and the removal of two statements, one stating, "Syllabi must include..." and the other requiring syllabi be kept on file for ten years. The council also passed the revised proposals to revise the B.A. and Minor programs in Global and International Studies, pending corrections, did not include the concentration in Global Sustainability. The council also examined the Sustainability Studies Minor proposal, but due to the lacking of a support letter from the Chemistry department the council was unable to complete evaluation of the program. This support letter was received after the meeting was conducted. Lastly, the council will consider the proposal to revise the Meteorology B.S. at their next meeting.
General Education met on April 12th. The council gave one time provisional approval for PHY 115 Science and Scientists to meet both the Natural Science category and the Fine and Performing Arts category in Knowledge Foundations. They also approved the following to be added to letters announcing the granting of one time provisional approval: "When submitted for full approval, courses having previously been granted provisional approval must submit evidence of how the learning outcomes for the general education category or categories in question are met. Such evidence may include course syllabus, sample assignments, and representative samples of student work." The council denied approval to change the prerequisite for GEO 315 Earth's Fury.
• Graduate Council met on Friday, April 8th. The Council approved the following courses, pending minor revisions: (i) HCI 571: Introduction to Biomedical Information Systems. This course will be dual-enrolled with ISC 471. (ii) HCI 529: Database Management Systems. This course will be dual-enrolled with ISC 329: Database Management Systems in Business. (iii) HCI 559: Decision Support Systems. This course will be dual-enrolled with ISC 410: Decision Support Systems. The Council also approved two certificate programs, pending minor revisions: (i) the Integrated Health Systems Certificate Program, and (ii) the Health Information Technology Certificate Program.
Library Council met on April 11th, Interim Director, Barbara Shaffer was in attendance and discussed the progress with the search for a new library director, the ad is up and review will begin on May 1st, and the tentative start date for the new director would be September 1st. She also discussed the renovations that will be occurring this summer, and that there will be a book sale this coming Wednesday. Also, literacy testing students fared well against other colleges that had taken the same test.
Faculty Senate Senator Ilhow reported out that at the Senate meeting in Fredonia this past weekend the budget person from Albany did not make it on Friday, however a spreadsheet was handed out with four different scenarios that could happen with the budget and how it would affect SUNY. He also reported out that Joy Hendrix from Cortland discussed the Guide for Evaluation of Undergrad Academic Programs, and one of the authors of this paper is Jim Nichols from Penfield Library. Many resolutions were passed at this meeting over the weekend and a full report will be given at the next meeting.
Undergraduate Curriculum Council UCC met on Wednesday, 4/6/11 and approved the following courses:
* ART 356 - History of Photography

* CSC 430 - Topics in Computer Games (New)
* CSC 455 - Computer Game Programming (New)

* DNC 202 - Modern Dance II (New)

* THT 440 - Advanced Directing (Update)

UCC is next scheduled to meet on Wednesday, 4/16/11. This is expected
to be the last meeting of the semester
UUP reported that the IDAP letters were sent out, and there was discussion about settling a contract in Albany, more news will be coming soon.
Campus Concepts Committee Met April 7 to discuss prioritizing and phasing of the Master plan, 2013-2023. CCC will meet April 21 to continue the discussion or meet with the CMA/Tyler Program Study Architects.
Assessment Advisory Committee continues to shape and perfect the learning outcomes rubric.
Catalog Coordinator asked people to being looking for changes that they would like to see in next year's catalog.
Writing Across the Curriculum and Steering Committee thanked everyone for the hard work and good start to the first writing awards that were handed out on QUEST day.
GE21 Task Force meets every Monday at 8am, they have recently sent out a survey and asked that everyone please respond. There will be a meeting in Lanigan 101 from 8am-10am which will be an open meeting where questions can be answered about the General Education Task Force.

V. Middle States Accreditation Status- Julie Preztat and Liz Schmitt
Dr. Preztat and Dr. Schmitt began their report that they have gone through the first round of revisions, and are in the phase to edit all the different documents into one complete draft. The draft should be ready by June 30th, and this will be the global draft that will be completed. They also reported out that decision of the Evaluation team and the team's chair should be coming soon, and when this is completed then a date will be set for the review of the report.
They also discussed the motion about the course syllabi. They stated that to be an accredited college they must have syllabi that have learning outcomes. They looked and saw that this campus does not have these kinds of policies in place, however the New Faculty Handbook that is handed out to new hires list a complete list of requirements for syllabi which include a learning outcomes portion, however there was no mention of this in the regular handbook for established faculty. This proposal will be discussed more and voted on at the next Faculty Assembly meeting.

VI. Parking Lot Status- Nick Lyons and Mary DePentu
Mr. Lyons and Ms. DePentu discussed the lots that are in major need of repair around campus. These lots included the Employee/Commuter lot next to King Hall, the Commuter lot along Bridge Street on the other side of 104 from the main campus, as well as the West Campus resident lots and Laker Hall parking lot. They both stated that preventative maintenance money has increased from $10,000 to $100,000 over the last few years. This money is used towards signage, hot and cold patching, ice and snow removal as well as sidewalk repair.
They also reported out about the many different projects that have been completed over the last few years. This includes the new and repaired sidewalks along West Campus, repaving of Onondaga and Seneca roadways, as well as the Village. Also, the lot between the Library and Campus Center was completed and opened as well as the new commuter lot near Culkin Hall. There was also the expansion of the parking lot near Poucher Hall. She stated that the lots that are in desperate need of repair will be repaired soon, and future lots that will be repaved and fixed include the lot south of Hart and Funnelle Hall, the Science Complex as well as maintenance building parking lot. She lastly reported that a new paperless service request process will be starting in the fall semester.



VII. Unfinished Business
---Proposed Shared Governance Consultation Procedures Prior to Deactivation or Discontinuance of an Academic Program at SUNY Oswego was discussed by the Assembly and there was a motion to amendment by adding the words: "This consultation does not preclude discussion on the floor of Faculty Assembly" A suggestion to delete the parenthetical phrase in #2 was taken and the amended was passed by the Assembly unanimously.
---Revisions to Art BA Track I- Studio Emphasis- passed by the Assembly unanimously.
---Revisions to Art BA Track II- Art History Emphasis- passed by the Assembly unanimously.
---Revisions to Art BA Track III- Graphic Design Emphasis- passed by the Assembly unanimously.
---Revisions to Art History Minor- passed by the Assembly unanimously.
---Revisions to BFA Studio Art- passed by the Assembly unanimously.
---Revisions to BFA Graphic Design- passed by the Assembly unanimously.

VIII. New Business
There was no new business

The meeting was adjourned at 5:03 PM.