May 2nd Minutes

Chair: Susan Camp

Recorder: Sarah Lewis

Members Absent: A. Johnson, T. Ramalho, Educational Administration Department, R. Brooks.

 The meeting was called to order at 3:07 PM.

 •I.  Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved as distributed.

•II.Approval of , 2010 Minutes
The minutes were approved as distributed.

•III. FA Chair's Report - S. Camp
The Chair began her report by stating that several members of APC, Graduate Council and Undergraduate Curriculum Committee met with her to discuss our emerging philosophy on what should be required of various new academic programs such as combined BA/Graduate degrees.  The chair stated that this discussion would continue in the Fall.  Dr. Camp then reported that elections for new Faculty Assembly representatives are needed as many current representatives' terms will end this spring.  She lastly asked the Assembly for ideas and thought for discussion next year, which could possibly include voting rights for professional staff that teach, General Education models, and non-credit bearing academic requirements.

•IV.Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces

•·Personnel Policies Council met on April 29th and proposed a vote of acclamation of Dr. Camp as Faculty Assembly Chair for the upcoming academic year.  Also the council distributed the Council Membership spreadsheet at the Faculty Assembly meeting today and will not enact a canvass for these councils until closer to the beginning of the fall semester.  The Council also discussed interdisciplinary hires and talked to Dr. Mandel and will bring this topic to the Assembly in the Fall Semester. 

•·Priorities and Planning council Met on April 29th, 2011 and approved the Creative Writing Major, Business Administration Major, Sustainability Studies Minor unanimously.  The council also reviewed the Integrated Health Systems Certificate and Health Information Technology Certificate.  There was discussion about these programs and the personnel costs of coordinating the program, and Dr. Stamm will discuss this with Dr. Clemo and Dr. King.  Also he will ask Dr. Clemo about the costs associated with the installation of a teleconferencing system at the Metro Center.  Also at this meeting Rameen Mohammadi introduced the Co-op Pilot and the council members had an opportunity to ask questions.

•·Academic Policies Council met on April 29th, 2011 and approved the Global and International Studies  major revisions pending correction of several items.  They also approved the proposed sustainability minor.  The council had reservations concerning both the new GIS program and the sustainability minor as they are mostly composed of Intellectual Issues courses which may vanish with the new General Education format.  The council also approved the proposed Photography Minor and the revisions of the Meteorology BS program.

•·General Education Council approved Physics 112 General University Physics I for inclusion in the Knowledge Foundations:  Natural Sciences category. The Council approved Biology 371 Animals and Society for inclusion in the Intellectual Issues-Explorations in the Natural Sciences category. The Council discussed the process for the assessment of Tolerance and Intolerance in the United States category in AY 2011-2012. 

•·Graduate Council met on Friday, April 29th.  The Council approved the following Courses pending minor revisions:  COM 516: Survey of Health Communication; PSY 553: Cognitive Processing Therapy; PSY 555: Trauma and the Military: Focus on Combat Trauma; ADO 595: Student Teaching Grades 7-12 A; ADO 596: Student Teaching Grades 7-12B.  The following programs were also approved pending minor revisions:  (i) Graduate Certificate Program in Health and Wellness; the MAT Adolescent Chemistry 7-12 Program Revisions; the MAT Adolescence Math 7-12 Program Revisions.  Changes and revisions in catalog copy for Curriculum and Instruction were also approved.  The Council approved a revised SPE 583 course proposal, making it a 2 credit hour course

•·Admissions and Student Services Council will be meeting May 8th, 2011.

•·Undergraduate Curriculum Council met in person on Wednesday, 4/20/11, and then conducted on-line discussions through Friday, 4/29/11. The council approved the following proposals:
   * ACC 201 - Principles of Accounting I (Update)
   * ART 354 - Art in America I (Update)
   * ART 451 - Motion Graphics (New)
   * CSC 457 / BIO 457 - Introduction to Bioinformatics (New)
   * HIS 391 - Modernization and Development in Africa (New)
   * MAT 107 - Number Systems and Operations A (New)
   * POL 338 - Politics and Film (New)
   * POL 339 - International Relations Theory (New)
   * POL 389 - Security Studies (New)
   * POL 495 - Teaching Assistant in Politics (New)
   * PSY 455 - Trauma and the Military: Focus on Combat Stress (New)
   * THT 313 - Theatre Projections and Special Effects (Update)

The council reviewed all proposals submitted through 4/18/11. We have
7 proposals that require further council discussion, and 8 proposals
that require responses from the submitting department. These will be
taken up at the first meeting of the Fall '11 semester.

•·Faculty Senator will make his full report at the General Faculty Assembly following this meeting.   

•·Campus Concept Committee met April 21st to discuss prioritizing and phasing of the Master Plan, 2013-2023.  CCC will meet May 3rd to meet with the CMA/Tyler Program Study Architects.  CCC will meet 2-3 times over the summer.

•·Assessment Advisory Committee will meet on Tuesday, May 3rd at 2pm to continue our discussions in preparation for Barbara Walvoord's Assessment Workshops.  

•V.General Education Design Report

Dr. Damkaci report that the Task Force has met with many individuals and groups.  They conducted a survey this spring and received many responses.

Dr. Damkaci concluded his report by discussing some of the issues that were raised at the open meeting. Some of these issues included that faculty and students do not realize the value of general education, the tendency to denigrate general education, and that it won't help in real world situations.



---Casey Raymond was elected Co-Chair of Campus Concept Committee


•VII.Unfinished Business

--- Proposed Discretionary Salary Increase Calendar was discussed by the Assembly.  It was approved unanimously.

--- Proposed revision to Business Administration B.S. was discussed by the Assembly.  Changes that were made to this B.S. were to replace HRM 386 (Human Resource Management) with HRM 385 (Organizational Behavior), require MGT 469 (Cultural Environments of International Business) and reduce the Business Sequence from 3 to 2 courses.  This proposal was approved unanimously.

--- Proposed Photography minor was discussed by the Assembly.  This proposal was approved unanimously. 

--- At 3:55pm, a motion was brought to the floor to extend the Faculty Assembly meeting to 4:15 pm, and was approved unanimously.

--- Proposed Syllabus requirement was discussed by the Assembly.  A motion was brought forward by a member of the assembly to move "Learning Objectives" and "Disability Statement" to requirements, and the remaining bullets from the original proposal to be only recommendations.  This was voted down by the Assembly 15-18.  The original proposal with friendly amendments that were added at the last Assembly meeting was then passed by a vote of 28-6.

--- Proposed parking registration timeframe change was then discussed by the Assembly, and was approved by the Assembly by a vote of 29-5.

--- At 4:10pm, another motion was brought to the floor to extend the Faculty Assembly meeting to 4:25pm, and this was approved unanimously.

 •VIII.New Business

--- Proposed BA Broadcasting and Mass Communication/ Master of Business Administration was discussed by the Assembly.  It was stated that there was no change to the BA, and that a student would apply for the MBA program during their second semester Junior year.  This was approved by the Assembly by a vote of 32-1.

--- Proposed Graduate Certificate Integrated Health Systems was discussed by the Assembly.  A motion to waive the two-week rule was passed by the Assembly before discussion followed.  This proposal was passed by the Assembly unanimously.

--- Proposed Graduate Certificate Health Information Systems was discussed by the Assembly.  A motion to waive the two-week rule was passed by the Assembly before discussion followed.  This proposal was passed by the Assembly unanimously. 

--- Proposed revision to English B.A. was discussed by the Assembly.  It was stated that there was only one change to the B.A. requirement, which was to add one course, ENG 485- Words in the World, to the capstone. This was passed unanimously. 


 The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 PM.