General Faculty Assembly Minutes Archive

September 20th, 2010

Chair: Susan Camp

Recorder: Sarah Lewis


The meeting was called to order at 4:08 P.M.


I.              Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved unanimously.


II.           Approval of Minutes of General Faculty Meeting of February 1st, 2010

The minutes were approved to include the revisions of the President's Report.


III.        President's Report- D. Stanley

President Stanley began her report by stating that overall enrollment has stayed around the same, which included the number of full time students at SUNY Oswego.  However, she stated that the number of part-time students has not increased, but she believed that the economy has encouraged many of the traditional part-time students to become full-time students. 

She then stated that applications for first year students are still on the rise, with a first time full time acceptance rate of 47%.   She also reported that there are more residents living on campus, and that the Village opened up this fall, and was dedicated last Friday, and at which the speakers all discussed the sustainability of the Village.

President Stanley then continued her report to state that the number of New York State high school graduates has begun to decline.  SUNY Oswego has invested some time recruiting students from out of state, but has also made plans to recruit more international students to come to Oswego.  She stated that there are efforts being put into place for recruiting greater numbers of international students.  Other plans to recruit more students to come to SUNY Oswego include expanding on online classes.  President Stanley stated that our online MBA program was approved.

The cap at 2009 levels that was discussed for enrollment is out there and some campuses will be affected but Oswego is not one of them. President Stanley then stated that SUNY Oswego was very close to funded and actual enrollment.

President Stanley then continued her report by stating that there were 277 freshman students incoming this fall that come from underrepresented groups.  This accounts for 19.4% of the incoming class. She stated that the majority of our enrolled underrepresented students are not admitted through the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). She also stated that there are 38 new faculty and staff members this fall, 17 are faculty, 21 are staff, and 12 of these new faculty and staff members come from underrepresented groups. 

President Stanley then reported on the budget, and stated that the cuts that were anticipated were what ended up happening.  During the 2010-2011 year, there will be a cut of 3.1 million dollars.  There was a savings in utilities last winter due to the mild winter that Oswego had.  The campus was able to sustain this deficit, and did not have to make as drastic cuts to programs as what was previously thought. In January she will be able to make better decisions in the permanent budget cuts that Oswego will see.  She then continued her report to state that early retirement incentives were in the works currently and the deadline for those that wish to take part in this incentive is this fall.  She then continued to report that no campus is retrenching at this moment, and campuses across the state are finding ways to deal with the reduction.

She then continued her report to discuss the new capital construction that will take place on campus.  This current project includes the construction of the new sciences complex, which is totaling 204.5 million dollars, as well as renovations and capital projects in the resident halls which is totaling 90 million dollars.  Also, the wind turbines are part of the capital project and the energy that is created from the wind turbines is being dispersed throughout campus.  President Stanley then concluded her report by stating that the sesquicentennial celebration is coming up this year, as well as stating that the proposal for $50,000 to fund the summer scholars program will be discussed at the Foundation Board meeting on October 8th, 2010. 


IV.        Faculty Senate Report- L. Brown

Senator Brown had no report. 


V.           UUP Report- S. Abraham

President Abraham began his report by thanking everyone that came to the UUP Picnic that was last Friday.  He then continued his report by stating that the IDAP process is beginning now and there has been an email sent out.  He reported that if you did not receive an email about the IDAP process to please email UUP.  This application will cover from July 1st to December 31st and the applications are due October 11th.  There will be no extensions for this application deadline, and he also stated that there will be another round in the spring for anything after December 31st

He then continued his report by stating that there will phone banks being set up to muster support for candidates supported by NYSUT.  These phone banks will be taking place on Monday October 25th, Tuesday October 26th, and Friday October 29th.  These phone banks will be starting at 5:00pm and end about 7:30pm.  This will be taking place at the NYSUT Regional Office in East Syracuse.  The number to get in contact with them is (315) 431-4040.  President Abraham stated that there will be soft drinks and sandwiches available for those that volunteer, as well as members will receive a red polo shirt with the UUP logo on it, so when you sign up to work the phone bank make sure to give them your shirt size. 

President Abraham then continued his report by stating that UUP elections will be taking place this spring.  UUP needs new people to get involved, and there are many union positions that will be opened this spring since many people are retiring this year. 

He lastly reported that the old contract is still in effect until June 30th, 2011, and the DSI calendar for 2011 will go with the old contract.  He also reported that members should be receiving a 4% increase in their paychecks soon, and if you do not receive this increase to notify the payroll office.  President Abraham also stated that the Negotiations team will be here on October 25th, 2011 during College Hour and refreshments will be provided.  Lori Nash and President Abraham are on the Negotiations committee as well as 2 Ad Hoc Representatives.  He concluded that forms for "anecdotal stories" are up on the UUP-Oswego website.


VI.        Chair Report - S. Camp     

The Chair of the Assembly asked Assembly members if there were any questions that they would like her to investigate over the next year.  


VII.     Unfinished Business

                         There was no unfinished business.  


VIII.    New Business

                        There was no new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:58 P.M.