Faculty Assembly Minutes Archive

February 14th, 2011

Chair: Susan Camp

Recorder: Sarah Lewis

Members Absent: M. Nojan, Y. Petrella, C. Thompson, A. Johnson, T. Ramalho, Educational Administration Department, K. Cooper, S. Fettes, A. Kumar, M. Ryniker, K. Macey

The meeting was called to order at 3:09 PM.

I. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved as distributed.

II. Approval of November 29th, 2010 Minutes
The minutes were approved as distributed.

III. FA Chair's Report - S. Camp
The Chair asked Assembly members to please forward any candidates for the FA Clerk position to me as soon as possible, the job requires about 7-10 hours per week

IV. Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces

  • Academic Policies Council met on February 4th, 2011 and the proposal to revise the Health Science Minor was passed, as well as the proposal to revise the B.A. and Minor programs in Anthropology passed. The Anthropology B.A. and Minor were passed to include the following: "Select one ANT course in ethnography, numbered in the 370's, or ANT 356" and "Select five courses under advisement from CAS 444 or ANY courses of 300- or 400- level." The request from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction to revise admission criteria (embed GPA requirements) in the B.S. programs in Adolescence Education 7-12, Childhood Education 1-6 and TESOL Education K-12 passed. Wording in the first two points under "Candidate Qualifications" was re-engineered for clarity as follows:
    1. Candidates who seek to transfer within the college to the (insert program name) major must meet with the advisement coordinator. Such a candidate must have a minimum cumulative Oswego GPA of 2.50 to declare the major.
    2. Candidates must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.50 GPA throughout the educations sequence, including field experience and student teaching. Candidates whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.50 will be deregistered from the EDU courses.
    The Council continued discussion of the review of proposals for blanket deviations. Going forward the Registrar's office will send these proposals to APC before they are acted on. We are currently taking up the current back-log of blanket deviation proposals from Communication Studies and the School of Education. The Council also began work on proposals from the Art Department to change curricula and will invite a representative to discuss these with us at our next meeting on February 18th. The Council also began to revise the APC reporting-out procedures and expect to complete this discussion at our next meeting.
  • General Education met on Feb. 1. They approved HIS 375 History of Non-Violent Activism for inclusion in the Intellectual Issues-Cultures and Civilizations category, and CAS 300 Women in Science for inclusion in the Intellectual Issues-Self and Society category, pending modest revision of the course outline. They did not approve CAS 300 for Explorations in the Natural Science but will reconsider that upon revision. On Feb. 8 they met and approved HIS 248 Women in American History to 1865 and HIS 249 Women in American History after 1865 for inclusion in the American History and the Tolerance & Intolerance in American History categories. Neither course may be used by one student for both categories.
  • Priorities and Planning Council met on both January 28th and February 11th. At the January 28th meeting Sandra Moore presented some minor changes and additions to minor programs in Athletic Coaching and Health Science, and was approved by the Council. At the February 11th meeting, members of the Council examined the Faculty Assigned Time Proposal, and a number of suggestions for changes were made, and Al Stamm will communicate these recommendations to the Provost.
  • Graduate Council On Friday, February 4, 2011 The Graduate Council approved the following courses:
    English 510: Literature of Medieval England
    English 512: 17th Century Poetry and Prose
    English 513: Restoration and 18th Century British Literature
    English 515: British Romantic Writers
    English 516: British Victorian Writers
    English 519: Shakespeare: An Introduction
    English 521: 18th Century English Novel
    English 522: 19th Century English Novel
    English 523: 20th Century British Fiction
    English 525: Chaucer
    *English 526: Early English Drama: City Comedy and Revenge
    *English 527: Early English Drama: Satire and Empire
    English 531: American Romanticism
    English 533: 20th Century American Literature
    English 540: Modern American Drama
    English 542: 19th Century American Novel
    English 543: 20th Century American Novel
    English 547: Contemporary Native American Literature
    English 549: Writers of the Beat Generation
    English 550: Modern Drama
    English 551: American Poetry Since 1945
    English 552: Bible and Literature in English
    English 557: Black Women Writers
    English 560: Literature in a Global Context
    English 563: Studies in Short Fiction
    English 565: Methods of Literary Research
    English 569: Reader and Text
    English 570: Women in Literature
    English 571: Postmodernism
    English 573: Theories of Language
    English 574: History and Development of the English Language
    English 575: Theories of Diverse Sexuality
    English 580: Narratives of Identity
    English 583: Caribbean Literature
    English 585: Children's Literature
    English 586: Cinema
    *English 587: Vision and Textuality
    English 588: Film Genre
    English 626: Shakespearean Contexts (previously ENG 526)
    English 627: Shakespeare and Interpretive Theory (previously ENG 526)
    English 686: World Cinema
    English 688: Auteur Studies
    *Course number and/or title have a recently discovered conflict in Banner; a solution is underway.
  • Admissions and Student Services Council will be called together soon.
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Council UCC met on 2/9/11 and approved the following course proposals:
    ECO 115 / POL 115 - Economic and Political Foundations of Sustainability (New)
    POL 348 - Contentious Politics (New)
    POL 333 - Global Political Theory (New course/Old Number)
    GLS 400 - Seminar in Global Studies (Update)
    UCC will next meet on Wednesday, 2/23/11.
  • Academic Outreach will be meeting Friday February 25 @2 pm in room 151 Campus Center.
  • Faculty Senate will be giving a full report during the General Faculty meeting.
  • Campus Concept Committee Met Feb 3, 2011. Received project updates, and will meet Thursday Feb17 to hear a Transportation Feasibility Study by Technology students (from Judith Belt's Fall 2010 class)
  • Writing Across the Curriculum Steering Committee looked at results of pilot study on Think Smart that was conducted.
  • Designing General Education Task Force has met the past two Mondays and is working on a draft to report out on to Faculty Assembly in the next few weeks.

V. Middle States Accreditation Report- J. Pretzat and E. Schmitt
Dr. Pretzat and Dr. Schmitt reported out to the Assembly an update on the Middle States Accreditation process that is taking place at SUNY Oswego. They displayed a list of all the different workgroups and chairs that are a part of this Middle States Accreditation process that have been working since last fall. Currently, they are in the process of reading the first drafts that have been submitted by this workgroups and are meeting with the chairs as they go over them. They have met with 3 chairs so far and hope to be able to have the second draft completed by the end of Spring break.
They reported that they appreciated all the information that has been collected and asked that all departments submit 3 academic years of syllabi for every course offered at SUNY Oswego. This would be from Fall of 2009 to present. They are also looking at a campus-wide syllabi format, which is non-existent on this campus. Since there is none on this campus, they have reached out to sister campuses and associate deans about creating a proposal for a campus-wide syllabi format for SUNY Oswego. They also reported out that Middle States wants student learning outcomes on all course syllabi, but not to insert it in if it is not included on old syllabi that is being submitted. They lastly reported that each workgroup was asked to do executive summaries to get edited and sent throughout campus as well.
VI. Elections
           President's Climate Commitment and Environmental Sustainability Team
                     Co-Chair- Casey Raymond
                     CLAS- Tim Braun
                     CMA- Judith Belt
                     Education- Lisa Langlois
                     Librarian- Barbara Shaffer

VII. Unfinished Business
--Health Science Minor revisions were shared with the Assembly. It was stated that the
changes in this minor were similar to the changes in the Athletic Coaching Minor, as well
as the GST 303 course must be health related. This was passed by the Assembly unanimously.
--Cognitive Sciences BS revisions were passed by the Assembly by a vote of 31-1
--Cognitive Sciences BA revisions were passed by the Assembly by a vote of 31-1
--Cognitive Sciences minor revisions were passed by the Assembly unanimously.
--Childhood 1-6 Sciences Concentration BS revisions were discussed by the Assembly. It was stated that this program removed courses that were no longer offered and replaced them with courses that were deemed appropriate to replace the removed courses. This was passed by the Assembly by a vote of 22-3.

VIII. New Business
There was no new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:01 PM.