Faculty Assembly Minutes Archive

February 28th, 2011


Chair: Susan Camp

Recorder: Sarah Lewis


Members Absent: M. Nojan, A. Johnson, D. Parsons, Educational Administration Department, K. Macey

The meeting was called to order at 3:11 PM.

I. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved as distributed.

II. Approval of , 2010 Minutes
The minutes were approved as distributed.

III. FA Chair's Report - S. Camp
          The Chair reported out that there is a continuing problem with communication. She asked Assembly representatives to please share FA activity and information with respective constituencies. All faculty and professional staff receive the agenda with a link to the minutes. She asked the Assembly their thoughts for improving communication. She also briefly discussed the snow cancellations. She reviewed the website that states the policy of closing campus and where to find information about classes being cancelled.

IV. Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces
• Personnel Policies met a week and a half ago to discuss the proposed membership change to the Graduate Council. This is currently being discussed with Graduate Council for a resolution to the membership change. The Council also decided on recommendations for the President's Award for Excellence in Professional Staff and Faculty Service, and this information will be forthcoming.
• Academic Policies Council met on February 18th and the council invited C. Clabough to discuss "the Proposals from the Art Department to change curricula." The proposed changes are in part the department's response to a recent review. The changes will also make the BFA curriculum in compliance with the NASAD guideline. The council had no philosophical issues with the need for these changes. During the discussion, the council made many suggestions to improve the proposal. The deliberations are on-going.
• Priorities and Planning met and approved the revisions to the Art Programs, and also heard a report from Joe Grant on High School graduation rates in New York State over the next 10 years.
• General Education met on February 22nd, and CAS 300 Women in Science was given provisional one-time approval for Intellectual Issues Self and Society and II Explorations in Natural Sciences. MUS 112 Introduction to Music Literature was approved to meet Fine and performing arts as well as Humanities, but will only count in one or the other, not both for an individual student. CAS 300 Cortázar's short fiction: instructions for waking up in the morning, was approved for provisional one time Intellectual Issues--Self and Society.
• Information Technology Council met on February 18th, and finalized the Photo Usage Policy, which is up front for Assembly members to review for next meeting.
• Graduate Council met on Friday February 18th. The Council approved, pending minor revisions, LIT 535: Literacy in Mathematics Classrooms, Grades 5-9. The Council also approved, pending minor editorial changes, the program revisions to the Master of Arts, Major in English.
• Admissions and Student Services Council is in the process of scheduling its first meeting.
Undergraduate Curriculum Council UCC met on Wednesday, 2/23/11 and approved the following course proposals:

BRC 421 - Social Networks and the Web (Update)
BRC 422 - Videogame Theory and Analysis (Update)

HIS 412 - Seminar in Women's History (Update)
HIS 416 - Seminar in Medieval History (Update)
HIS 424 - Seminar in Modern European History (Update)
HIS 430 - Seminar on the Russian Revolution (update)
HIS 450 - Seminar in American History (Update)
HIS 482 - Seminar in Third World History (Update)

PBJ 401 - Seminar in Public Justice (Update)

POL 307 - European Politics (Update)

THT 119 - Introduction to Technical Theater (New)
THT 120 - Stagecraft (Update)
THT 205 - Production Seminar (New)

ZOO 410 - Animal Ecology (Update)

UCC is attempting to find a meeting time for the week of 3/7/11.
Academic Outreach met Friday February 25th, and discussed Winter Session 2011, stating that 36 courses offered with only 8 of these courses being face-to-face. Enrollment was up 21% from Winter Session 2010. Future Winter Sessions may be totally online in support of our ‘green' initiatives. The Council also discussed that Summer Sessions 2011 are available for registration with about 290 courses with about 100 of these being online. The Council also listened to a Graduate Programs report by David King. His report included the Peace Corps International Masters (PCMI) for Math and Agricultural Education as well as the Festa Fellowships, which the campus has funding for 8-9 students for only our very best students. He also reported on the newly updated Graduate Website, new promotional materials for various programs, and the consideration of exit interviews for graduate assistants. Amber is the new Marketing Specialist for Extended Learning and shared some of the logos & marketing plans for Summer Sessions with the council.
Faculty Senate reported out that the Faculty Senate Bulletins are up front for reading, and next meeting is in about 8 weeks, and if members of the Assembly had any concerns, they should email him (ihlow@).
Catalog Coordinator has set up a blind link to the draft of the undergraduate catalog, and this link will be sent to the Deans, Chairs, Directors and Secretaries. This is the chance for departments to proof and make sure that everything is correct within their respective departments.
Campus Concept Committee met Thursday Feb 17 and received a transportation feasibility presentation from Technology students from Judith Belt's class
Assessment Advisory Committee met on Tuesday 2-22 at 2pm.
General Education in the 21st Century Task Force has been meeting every Monday, finished their first report and has been linked to the Faculty Assembly website, and that this report looks at starting conversations about General Education on this campus.
UUP President Abraham announced that Wednesday March 9th at 3pm there will be a UUP Chapter meeting. President Smith, the state-wide UUP President will be there. At this meeting there will be the approval of the local UUP budget, and he encouraged everyone to attend this meeting.
Provost Clemo reported about the co-operative education programs that are being discussed and planned for SUNY Oswego. There is currently a group that has been working on a draft about what a co-operative education program would look like at SUNY Oswego, as well as cost for this campus to initiate a program like this. This group has been looking at national data, has been discussing with departments about how co-operative education programs would work within these departments. The data that has been collected has been done by Shelia Cooley, and she will be presenting a report to the Assembly on April 4th. The Provost is hoping by mid-March to have a final draft of the proposal for co-operative education at SUNY Oswego, as well as reporting out in full to the Assembly later on in the semester. There are currently co-operative education programs on campus, but they are run through the Internship Office, but this proposal that her group is working on would create a much broader program across campus. She lastly stated that if anyone had any questions about this to email or call her office, and to not hesitate to ask.

V. Orientation 2011 Update- N. Emmonds, M. Bandla
Mr. Emmonds began his report by discussing that with the current construction that has been going on across campus, this has affected many different departments on campus, and the Orientation department has been no exception. There have been some proposed changes to the program, however it is still a work in progress. There were many adjustments that were needed based on Lanigan going offline this summer, as well as having to change the format of the Orientation program. One of the biggest changes that has come from this adjustment was the proposal to schedule all 5 classes for First-Year students, instead of giving them the chance to schedule the last two classes themselves when they come for Orientation.
Much discussion ensued about the topic. It was moved to approve the proposal as a pilot for Summer 2011. This officially put the proposal on the table for discussion and vote at the next Faculty Assembly meeting.

VI. Campus Technology Report- has been postponed to the Next Faculty Assembly meeting.

VII. Unfinished Business-
--BA in Anthropology revisions were approved by the Assembly unanimously.
--Minor in Anthropology revisions were approved by the Assembly unanimously.

VIII. New Business
There was no new business at this meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:58 PM.