Faculty Assembly Minutes Archive

April 4th 2011

Chair: Susan Camp

Recorder: Sarah Lewis

Members Absent: M. Nojan, Y. Petrella, Educational Administration, R. O'Connor, Z. Manseur, , L. Glidden, K. Macey, E. Basualdo.

The meeting was called to order at 3:09 PM.


I. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved as distributed.

II. Approval of March 21st, 2011 Minutes
The minutes were approved as distributed.

III. FA Chair's Report - S. Camp
The Chair reported out to the Assembly that the Consultation procedures were distributed today with a planned vote on April 18. This was proposed based on SUNY campuses deactivating programs without faculty consultation. FAEB reviewed the document twice prior to today.

IV. Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces
Personnel Policies met on April 1st and discussed Graduate Council membership. The council will also be sending out a call for nominees for Faculty Assembly Chair this week. They have also asked that each council look at their membership and see if it wants to change their membership or to continue their service. The DSI Calendar will be distributed at the next Assembly meeting. There has been discussion with Information Technology Council to draft an electronic DSI proposal, and could be done as early as this fall. This would only affect departments that are piloting the electronic DSI. Their next meeting is April 8th.
Academic Policies Council met on March 25th, and the proposal to revise the B.A. and Minor programs in Creative Writing to include CRW 401- Screen Writing Advanced as a choice in the list of 400 courses offered was approved. The proposal to revise the Business Administration B.S. program passed, with the following revised wording under "B. Elective Requirements": "6 cr at the 300- or 400- level in School of Business courses, under advisement." The council also looked at the request to add courses to the list of elective requirements in the African and African-American Studies Minor, but there were no accompanying support letters from the originating departments so they could not proceed. Proposals from the Art Department to change curricula passed, pending a number of mechanical corrections and approval of all courses by UCC, as follows:
 B.A. Track I, Studio Emphasis
 B.A. Track II, Art History Emphasis
 B.A. Track III, Graphic Design Emphasis
 B.F.A. Studio
 B.F.A. Graphic Design
 Art History Minor
The Council will consider the Photography minor at the April 8th meeting.
Priorities and Planning met on April 1st, and approved revisions to the Meteorology BS and Creative Writing BA and minor. Neither of these required additional resources. The Sustainability minor however will need additional resources and the council will try to meet with the Provost by the end of the semester to discuss this.
General Education The Gen Ed Council met on March 22. They approved revisions to the Applied Mathematical Economics writing plan and approved the inclusion of HIS 201 to the writing plans for both Childhood Education and Adolescence Education Social Studies concentrates. They also drafted possible questions for surveys for the GE 21 Task Force. At the meeting on March 29 they granted one-time provisional approval to POL 300 Fiscal Crisis of New York State as an Intellectual Issues--Self and Society offering. They also approved MAT 108 Number Systems and Operations B as a general education mathematics course.
Graduate Council met on Friday, April 1. The council approved PHL 508: Ethical Issues in Health Communication, pending minor revisions. The council also continued to discuss the processes and procedures (as well as budget cycles) that pertain to graduate assistantships.
Library Council met on March 7th, discussed the search for a new Library Director.
Admissions and Student Services Council met today for the 1st time this year and is scheduled to meet again in May. The Council asked Patrick Murphy to forward a copy of his proposed resolution re the University Snow Day policy. The Council is also initiating a conversation with Elizabeth Burns, Director of Walker Health Center, in regard to the documentation issue. They are also beginning a discussion about guidelines for students re civility in the classroom, as well as a discussion to refine our understanding of our charge in order to better support university goals and strategic planning guidelines.
Undergraduate Curriculum Council UCC met physically on 3/23/11, and on-line on 3/30/11, and approved
the following course proposals:

From 03/23/11:
* ANT 331 - Digging Up the Past: Humans and the Environment Through the Ages (Update)
* ENG 485 - Words in the World (Update)
* GLS 402 - Practicum in International Development (New)
* HIS 248 - Women in American History to 1865 (Update)
* HIS 249 - Women in American History, 1865 to Present (New)
* MET 416 - Remote Sensing and Mesoscale Meteorology Lab (New)
* PHL 323 - Philosophy of Biology (New)
* THT 145 - Basic Stage Make-up (Update)
* THT 251 - Costume History (Update)
* THT 345 - Advanced Stage Make-up (Update)
* THT 351 - Costume Design (Update)
* THT 451 - Advanced Costume Design (Update)

From 03/30/11
* ANT 395 / GLS 301 - Globalization and Global Cultures (Update)
* ART 111 - Freshman Colloquium (New)
* ART 311 - Transfer Student Colloquium (New)
* ART 322 - Drawing for Transfer Students (New)
* ART 323 - Digital Media for Transfer Students (New)
* ART 414 - Graphic Design Practicum (Update)
* ART 451 - Motion Graphics (New)
* ART 492 - BFA Exhibition (New)
* BIO 323 - Geographic Information Systems in Ecology and Conservation (New)
* CHE 341 - Physical Chemistry (Update)
* CHE 341L - Physical Chemistry Lab (Update)
* CHE 342L - Physical Chemistry Lab (Update)
* CHI 301 - Advanced Chinese : Culture, Communication, Commerce (China) (New)
* ZOO 375 - Entomology (Update)
UCC will next meet on Wednesday, 4/6/11.
Faculty Senate had no new report, will be traveling to Fredonia next week for Faculty Senate.
UUP reported out the results from the UUP elections.
Catalog Coordinator reported that a note went out to Directors and Chairs for a blind link to the Graduate Catalog.
Writing Across the Curriculum and Steering Committee reported out that the Dean's Award for Writing will be awarded to students at Quest on April 13,2011
Assessment Advisory Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, April 5th. There is nothing new to report.
GE21 Task Force met on March 28th and April 4th, and is in the process of finalizing questionnaire that will go out to Faculty about General Education.

V. Academic Affairs Update- L. Clemo
Dr. Clemo began her report by discussing the Academic Affairs Summit Planning that took place in August of 2010. This summit offered a set of ideas to stimulate thinking and action about a viable path to the future, as well as encouraged thinking about what is possible and important for the college, in our distinctive place as we look to the future. This summit also articulated a set of consensus recommendations that stemmed from the various discussions that took place at this summit.
She also discussed how SUNY Oswego is planning to put a stronger emphasis on global perspective, liberal education and lifelong learning. Some of the plans to make this possible here includes reinventing the general education program at SUNY Oswego, which is currently being discussed by the General Education in the 21st Century Task Force. She stated that she hoped to see models of a new general education program to FA by September of 2011. Dr. Clemo also discussed about the utilization of online learning and global connections. She stated that SUNY Oswego offered it first all-online MBA program this past January, as well as discussing the Collaborative Online International Learning, also known as COIL, SUNY Initiative that is being discussed. There has also been a plan submitted to the Provost about an Institute for Global Engagement Strategic Plan, as well as work with the President's Environmental Sustainability Team.
She then went on to discuss more about enhancing active learning opportunities for students on campus She discussed the Scholarly and creative activities, which include the Summer Scholars program, and the Global Laboratory. There is also work to focus on institution-wide grant priorities. Also she discussed the co-operative education and project based learning on campus, which she stated there has been much discussion and consultation with departments, campus constituents, co-op and project partners.
Dr. Clemo then went on to discuss about the learning environment with greater effectiveness and efficiency. This includes curriculum management system to help improve tracking of program proposals, and address faculty workload within and between academic units and assign time guidelines. She also stated that there would be a workshop on May 19th and 20th to help with improving through assessment, as well as discussing the Academic Support Services, which include being able to drop in to be tutored instead of having to make appointments, and the new Smartthinking. Middle states and the Foundations of Excellence study will also help to change the learning environments with greater effectiveness and efficiency.
Dr. Clemo then concluded her report by discussing that they were able to support half the sabbaticals that were submitted, as well as briefly mentioning the Annual Report for 2010-2011 and the upcoming Academic Affairs retreat for the 2011-2012 year.

VI. Cooperative Education- Sheila Cooley & Cleane Medeiros
Ms. Cooley and Dr. Medeiros presented information from their exploration, as well as discussing how other campuses approach cooperative education. They stated that this would be a beneficial program to SUNY Oswego and they suggested their plan for how SUNY Oswego could implement a cooperative education program on a bigger scale than what it is now.
Their plan included either doing a cooperative education placement either from January to June or from July to December, and would require the student to have to take summer classes during one summer to be able to complete their degree program within four years. They also explained how a student would be eligible to enroll into a cooperative education program, as well as listing possible employers in the area that would be interested in doing a cooperative education program, which includes O'Brien & Gere, Novelis, IBM, Welch Allyn, Bausch and Lomb, and the Landmark Theatre.

VII. Unfinished Business
--Proposed BA Broadcasting and Mass Communication/Master of Business Administration was discussed. This program would be an opportunity for combined effort between the School of Communication, Media and the Arts and the School of Business. Students would take undergraduate classes until Junior year, apply at the end of Junior year for acceptance into the MBA program. The first semester Senior year would be undergraduate work, however the second semester would consist of the student beginning their Graduate work. However, the handout that was distributed the credit hours did not add up, so it was sent back to look at the credit hours.
--Proposed Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Trauma Studies was discussed by the Assembly, and was subsequently passed unanimously.
--Proposed Revisions to Adolescence Education, Childhood Education and TESOL Education BS majors was discussed by the Assembly. The revisions that were made were simple revisions, and the revisions were made in response to clearer communication to students in catalog for requirements for admissions into these respective programs. These proposals were voted on separately, and were all passed unanimously.
--A Motion was made to pass the resolution concerning "No Unnecessary Travel" to Admissions and Student Services since it is an issue outside of the classroom.
--Proposed Revision to English MA was discussed by the Assembly. The revisions that were made to the program were to align the Graduate program to the Undergraduate program. This was passed by the Assembly unanimously.

VIII. New Business
There was no new business

The meeting was adjourned at 4:56 PM.