Academic Policies Council

Template for Proposing New Minors

Proposal Template for a New Minor Program

Please provide all information requested below. Draft catalog copy, if available, may be a helpful way of providing much, if not all, of the solicited information. This proposal must be accompanied by the New or Revised Academic Programs Routing Form.

A. Mission

Summarize the proposed program’s educational and career objectives and its relationship to the mission of the institution.

B. Learning Outcomes and Assessment

  1. Outline the programmatic goals and objectives for the program, including a list of the learning outcomes students should demonstrate upon completing the program.
  2. What is the date of the initial periodic assessment of program and the length of the assessment cycle (years).

C. Curriculum Outline

Outline all curricular requirements for the proposed program, including prerequisite, core, specialization (track, concentration), capstone, and any other relevant component requirements. Indicate if any of the courses are new ones and, if so, how faculty time is reallocated to cover the course (for example by alternating offering with another course or dropping another course). Please provide in catalog format.

D. Enrollment

What is the projected enrollment when the program begins?

What is the projected enrollment after five years?

How were these projections determined?

E. Faculty

List the name of each faculty member who will teach required and/or elective courses in the minor. Indicate the academic leadership of the program by placing an asterisk next to the name of the director or chair.

F. Advisement

Please indicate how students in the minor will be advised.

G. Resources

Document the projected cost of the program according to the following template and identify the source of the funds.

  Start-up When the Program Begins  
Personnel New funds      
Library New funds      
Equipment New funds      
Laboratories New funds      
Supplies & Expenses (OTPS) New funds      
Capital Expenditures New funds      
Other New funds      
Grand Total      


SUNY Oswego

January 2007