Faculty Assembly

April 30, 2012

*3:00 - 5:00 PM*

*Room 107 Lanigan Hall*


            I.      Approval of Agenda


         II.      Approval of  April 16, 2012 minutes (available at http://www.oswego.edu/academics/faculty/assembly/Minutes/msp12.html)


     III.      FA Interim Chair's Report - Joan Carroll


      IV.      Reports of Councils, Committees and Task Forces


         V.      Faculty Senate Report-Gwen Kay


      VI.      Election for vacancies on FA Councils and Committees

·         Task force on Governance, Committee Structure and Collaboration - one faculty member from School of Communication, Media and the Arts


  VII.      Unfinished business (available at http://www.oswego.edu/academics/faculty/assembly/Minutes/msp12.html)


·         Electronic DSI project proposal

·         GE 21 Policies Motions



VIII.      New Business