Agenda February 13



Faculty Assembly

February 13, 2012


*3:00 – 3:55 PM*

*Room 107 Lanigan Hall*


NOTE:  Abbreviated meeting time due to General Faculty meeting at 4:00 pm.


         I.     Approval of Agenda


        II.     Approval of  January 30, 2012 minutes (available at


   III.     FA Interim Chair’s Report – Joan Carroll


    IV.     Reports of Councils, Committees and Task Forces


       V.     Elections for vacancies on FA Councils and Committees

·      Priorities and Planning (Social and Behavior Sciences, 1 Seat)

·      Information Technology Council (1 FA seat)

·      Library Council (2 FA seats)

·      Student Association Senate (2 faculty or professional staff seats)

·      President Climate Commitment and Environmental Sustainability Team (1 SoB seat)

    VI.     Unfinished business (available at


·      Revisions to Expressive Arts Therapy Minor

·      Revisions to Academic Policies Council reporting out memo


 VII.     New Business