Academic Year 2009 - 2010 GESA

GESA Registration Information


DATE:           April 18, 2009        
FROM:         Carol Blunt-White, NYS K-16 Alliance
RE:         Generating Expectations for Student Achievement (GESA)

The New York State K-16 Alliance, a TLQP-funded project, is pleased to announce

What:  3-day GESA Facilitator Institute conducted by Dr. Dolores Grayson
When: June 30-July 2, 2009
Time: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day
Where:  SUNY Oswego, 117 Wilber Hall, Oswego, NY

GESA is a research-based model that uses peer teams and observation protocols to support educators at all levels in recognizing and changing specific teaching behaviors in ways that support equity and address the student achievement gap.  Participants who successfully complete the three-day Institute will be certified to provide GESA overviews and to conduct workshops on GESA areas of disparity.

Here is a representative sample of feedback from previous participants about this training:

  • "This is an extremely powerful workshop that fills a void pertaining to what works. You should think seriously about implementing GESA in every NYS public school! I am happy that I will begin to implement it in mine."
  • "This workshop provided the force that has moved all of us away from our comfort zones. It is up to us now to determine if we will use this information to address equity and reach a new equilibrium state that clearly addresses equity issues in our teaching and learning environments."
  • "I feel that all persons intending to be teachers should be mandated to take this workshop!"

The training fee, materials, and lodging will be covered by the NYS K-16 Alliance for teams of three participants from each TLQP project.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the training.   Other costs such as transportation expenses, additional meals, and stipends will not be covered by the Alliance. 

How to Register:
  • Complete the attached registration form: email it to not later than May, 22nd. Travel arrangements to and from the training must be made by individual participants. Institute registration confirmations and hotel directions will be provided by the K-16 Alliance to all registered participants.

This Institute assists in meeting TLQP Standard 9:
Standard 9:  All TLQP professional development activities incorporate equity strategies to assist teachers, administrators and other school staff in using practices that will provide all of their K-12 students, regardless of population grouping, with the opportunity to achieve excellence.
Performance Measures:
9.1  Project activities address equity issues in teaching and learning.
9.2  All participants receive at least 3 contact hours utilizing GESA (Generating Expectations for Student Achievement), TESA (Teacher Expectations for Student Achievement), or other research-based strategies that directly address equity issues in teaching and learning, and improve teachers' abilities to reflect on and assess equity in their own teaching practice.
9.3  All participants have had at least 3 contact hours in using disaggregated classroom and school student achievement data to analyze achievement discrepancies and identify teaching and learning needs.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 


CC:  David Lovell, NYS Education Department