Academic Year 2009 - 2010 Team Report

Entergy 1 Team Report


Team Members: 

Carol Carroll, Stacy Dawson, Nicole Freebern, Courtney Carroll, Caitlin Comerford

Team Name (e.g. Delaware Elementary):                   ENTERGY

Write the number of Teacher participants for each period.

Academic Year number

Summer Institute



Team Location and Focus (e.g. Delaware—ESL literacy)

Oswego, Math, Science, Technology, ELA

Data collected and analyzed on teacher learning (e.g. Faculty surveys, teachers reflective journals)

  • Teacher reflection journals
  • Student input/ evaluation
  • Pre and post assessment
  • Teacher evaluations from administration
  • Anecdotal notes


Data analyzed on student learning and results: (e.g. annual literacy assessments/NYS report card disaggregated data for 4th grade ELA, analysis of rubric scores on students writing samples each quarter for students in v.s. not in the program):

This year we analyzed the following data and we will continue to analyze it in the future.

  •  6th grade 2009 NYS ELA and Math (cohort groups)
  • 3rd grade 2008 and 2009 NYS ELA and Math
  • Collected student work, analyzed for evidence of student learning

Revised May 2009









Describe a leadership project (ACTION) you plan to undertake.

What action(s) did you take?

Describe the Rationale for the project.

 Why did you do it and how did you decide this was the best alternative?

Who is responsible for each action/Component?

During what months will you complete each action?

How will you know if the action has made a difference? What data will you collect? How will you gain feedback about your leadership of the initiative?

What resources will you need for this action? What costs, if any will be incurred? What are possible sources of funding for these resources?

We are going to integrate the Green Chemistry Unit into the new science series. We will support colleagues with resources to implement lessons utilizing technology and inquiry based learning.


Facilitate teacher training sessions.

This year a new science series was purchased for the Oswego City School District. Providing support will transition the new series into existing curriculum.

All of us


















Carol will facilitate teacher training for Keystone Center.

Throughout the year.

Increase test scores.


Increase student achievement


Increase teacher participation and technology.



Money for activities and materials


Entergy Grant












Keystone Center