Academic Year 2007 - 2008 Team Report

DeSantis Team Report


Team Members: Andrea DeSantis, Pat Delia

Team Name (e.g. Delaware Elementary): Oswego-FPS-CER-GESA For Parents

Write the number of Teacher participants for each period.

Academic Year number

Summer Institutenumber



Team Location and Focus (e.g. Delaware—ESL literacy) Oswego City

School District-GESA For Parents

Data analyzed on teacher learning and results (e.g. Faculty surveys, teachers reflective journals)

Our group focus for the 2007-2008 school year will be to collect data on Parent Involvement in our school. Analyze data to determine if school events are involving all families in our schools.

-Open House Attendance

-Parent –Teacher Conference Fall /Spring

-Spring Carnival

-Parent Involvement for school functions – picture day, field trips, etc.

Create survey for faculty and staff.

   -Identify what faculty and staff believe is important for parents to know to help their children succeed in school.

   - Identify effect means of communicating this to parents.

   -Identify if there is a need for more parent involvement in school related activities.

Create a survey for parents.

-        Identify what parents believe is important for them to know to help their children to succeed in school.

-        Identify topics that parents would like more information to help their children succeed.

-        Identify times that would parents would be available to attend school programs.

Additional team work planned for 2007-2008

Team members will attend in-service training on GESA For Teachers.

Team members will attend GESA Facilitator in Albany Fall/Spring if available.

Team members will attend Lanigan GESA…For Parents meetings.

Team members will keep a reflective journal evaluating professional development in GESA – focus on personal specific observable teaching behaviors. 

Data analyzed on student learning and results: (e.g. annual literacy assessments/NYS report card disaggregated data for 4th grade ELA, analysis of rubric scores on students writing samples each quarter for students in v.s. not in the program):

Team members will collect and evaluate discipline referrals 2007 -2008 school year. This will be used as a baseline and be used to compare with 2008 -2009-discipline referrals after GESA – For Parents is offered.

Revised May 2007