Academic Year 2006 - 2007 Invitation

Invitation Letter

February 28, 2006

TO Project SMART Participants

FROM: Barbara'eyerbach and Marcia Burrell Project SMART Co-Directors

RE: Project SMART Summer Institute

We are writing to congratulate you on your team efforts this year as well as to give you information on the SMART 2006 course. Due to your ongoing hard work, Project SMART's external evaluation was among the highest scoring projects in the state. The statewide project evaluator has asked to visit SMART teams during the spring to learn from us about our practice, so she can share our strategies with other TLQP projects throughout the state.

We have begun planning for our SMART Course. We will be working in our state of the art computer lab and adjoining classroom, and we will be sharing lunches in Cooper Dining Hall. There will be opportunities for teams to work on site in your home districts during team time.

This course will focus on Reflective Teaching: Using Data to Inform our Teacher Practice. We are encouraging all project participants to consider going through the National Board Certification process and we will provide supportive structures for those choosing to do so. We will see how Teacher Work Samples, GESA strategies, and other data strategies can support our becoming increasingly reflective about our practice.

Please complete the attached form, letting us know of your intention to participate in the course, and how we might support your participation. Some of the information that you provide will assist us in planning for this year's course. We hope to see you all this year.