Academic Year 2006 - 2007 Team Report

APW Team Report


Team Members: Patricia Wilson-Paetow

Team Name (e.g. Delaware Elementary):

APW Project

Write the number of Teacher participants for each period.

Academic Year

Summer Institute



Team Location and Focus (e.g. DelawareESL literacy)

Summer Curriculum- Reading First Components

Data analyzed on teacher learning and results (e.g. Faculty surveys, teachers reflective journals)

Curriculum produced, materials gathered, faculty survey, teacher reflective journal, meeting minutes parent program GESA

Data analyzed on student learning and results: (e.g. annual literacy assessments/NYS report card disaggregated data for 4th grade ELA, analysis of rubric scores on students writing samples each quarter for students in v.s. not in the program):

Teacher nomination form: student data, DIBELS progress monitoring, pre-post assessments.

Action Plan for 2005-6:

Write grant (PD), monthly meetings, grade level representatives, parent reps.

July- write grant, find funding. Aug- recruit comm. members. Sept.- first meeting determine goals and objective, data sources, timeline.

Please address how your project meets the attached standards that are marked with an *. (Beyerbach and Burrell will meet with each team to discuss how you can do this).

Revised June 20, 2006