Academic Year 2006 - 2007 Team Report

Entergy Team Report

Team Members:   

Sue Witmer               Nicole Freebern

Carol Carroll             Karen Griffin

Stacy Dawson           Norma Griffin

Team Name (e.g. Delaware Elementary):


Write the number of Teacher participants for each period.

Academic Year

Summer Institute

12 and the Coordinator


5 and the Coordinator

Team Location and Focus (e.g. Delaware-ESL literacy)


School settings across Oswego and Onondaga County during the academic year.  SUNY Oswego and various settings in Oswego during the Summer Institute.


Data analyzed on teacher learning and results ( e.g. Faculty surveys, teachers reflective journals)


Reflective journals were required at the end of the academic year of each teacher.  The idea being to help our team members think about what they did and how their teaching changed or was reinforced through the activities, professional development and learning that occurred in and out of their classrooms as a result of our project.


Data analyzed on student learning and results: (e.g. annual literacy assessments/NYS report card disaggregated data for 4th grade ELA, analysis of rubric scores on students writing samples each quarter for students in v.s. not in the program):


Student feedback, pre-and post-tests, student journals, student worksheets, chapter tests, the 4th grade state science test results, rubrics for career books and other activities were used.  Teachers found varying levels of success in all parts of the projects.


Action Plan for 2006-07(list objectives, activities, people responsible, month by month for the academic year. E.g. September- Peng will recruit teachers for ESL study group to focus on analyzing various models of ESL instruction, October-teacher team members  recruit/select students to participate in the College Experience and pair with Candidate writing partners-pre-assess students' writing samples...)


-The Entergy Project participants will meet in late August or early September to begin work for the upcoming academic year.  Teachers have been asked to have their ideas for their part of the project for that meeting.

-Sue Witmer will also follow all guidelines as set by the Grant itself throughout the year.  October will be a good time for a press release.  She will work with individual teachers in any way possible to meet their needs and those of the project.  In January, dialogue will begin regarding applying for the third year of funding from Entergy.

-Participating teachers will accomplish approximately 20 hours of work between September and December by exploring and building units.  Some may actually be implementing activities.  From January to June 2007, the rest of the implementation, revising, reflecting and assessment will occur. 

-We will complete the year with a celebration/meeting for all participants, Project SMART staff, Entergy personnel, and other invited guests.