Academic Year 2006 - 2007 Team Report

MacEntee & Beachner Team Report


Team Member:

  • Dan Leo

Team Focus:

  • Fulton CSD (K-6) math, science and literacy data will be analyzed and compared to other local school districts to gain competence in comprehension of data findings.  Also, this data will be used to gain knowledge about strengths and weaknesses in these, as well as other areas, so I can search and review data concerning schools with possible, future art positions in CNY schools.
  • Interdisciplinary art lessons will be accumulated and developed in the various grade levels (K-6) of math, science and literacy and used to strengthen and expand my art lesson portfolio.

Data analyzed on student learning and results:

  • Fulton CSD data from NYS school report card concerning 4th grade performance in ELA, Math and Science.  Ongoing study of report cards will compare other schools and districts for analysis later.