School of Education

Dean's Office

Dr. Pamela Michel, Dean, welcomes you to the School of Education web site. She administers the School of Education, with the assistance of Ms. Deb Trionfero, Secretary to the Dean (302 Park Hall, 315-312-2102). In addition:

Mr. Joggeshwar (Jogy) Das, Associate Dean for Accreditation and Assessment,  provides leadership for all accreditation and assessment initiatives and oversees data management systems with the assistance of Ms. Candy Rasbeck, Secretary to the Associate Deans (302 Park Hall, 315-312-2103).

Dr. Kristen Munger, Associate Dean

Ms. Nichole Brown, Field Placement Director, oversees all field placement appointments for candidates in initial teacher education programs. Ms. Carol Taormina, Assistant Coordinator for Technology and Vocational Teacher Preparation assists Ms. Brown in arranging placements. They are supported by Ms. Carolyn Kelleher  and  Ms. Rosanne Maxon, Secretaries (175 Wilber Hall, 315-312-3098,