School of Education

Administrative Advisory Council

The faculty of the School of Education are organized into six departments. Each department in the School of Education elects a chairperson (confirmed by administrative appointment) who represents the faculty of that department on the School of Education Administrative Advisory Council (AAC). The Associate Deans, Field Placement Coordinator, Technology Support Professional, and the chair of Faculty Council are also members of the AAC, which meets with the Dean regularly.  


  • Pamela Michel, Interim Dean
  • Joggeshwar (Jogy) Das, Associate Dean 
  • Deb Trionfero, Secretary
  • Nichole Brown, Field Placement Coordinator
  • Michael LeBlanc, CPS Chair
  • Sandra Bargainnier, HPW Chair
  • Mark Hardy, Technology Chair
  • Angela Perrotta, EAD Chair
  • Marcia Burrell, C&I Chair
  • Margaret Martin, VTP Chair
  • Abby Wiertzema, Technology Support
  • Amy Bidwell, Faculty Council Chair