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Italian American Reconcilliation
Cast List and Cast Information
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Italian American Reconciliation has been cast!

Thank you to all who auditioned.

Aldo Ryan Powers
Huey Aaron Kicak
Janice Sondra Tackett
Teresa Meaghan Thaney
May Deva Holub

Character Breakdowns

*** A note about these breakdowns: These are simple descriptions of the characters, first with the playwright’s description, then with more details that I have provided for you. These are meant to provide you with a vague idea of what these characters are like. Please, PLEASE, DO NOT show me Italian stereotypes (i.e. over-the-top accents, pop culture shtick) simply because these characters are Italian. Read about these characters and show me the things that strike you about them which show their HUMANITY, not just their nationality. My goal with this show is to exhibit the individual parts of Italian culture and heritage which shape these characters lives, but also to exhibit the way which their struggles, conflicts, and emotions transcend heritage and nationality and are present within all our lives. This is not to say that if you have a particular understanding of Italian culture and heritage that you can bring to these characters that I do not wish to see that, I just want you to consider that as part of a bigger picture in what composes these characters and this play.

Aldo Scaliki - “An intense Italian guy, about thirty years old. All his life he’s lived in Little Italy, in New York.”

Though I do not consider any one character in this production to be more important than another, as they are all crucial to the plot and it’s success, Aldo is the main narrator of the play. He is the one who recalls this story, which Shanley (the playwright) calls a ‘folktale.’ Aldo is dealing with his own feelings about his heritage, his quest for love, and his relationships with Huey and Janice. As a performer if you are interested in this role you should know that it will require direct audience interaction and improv, so experience in either is a plus, though certainly not required. Just know that if cast in this part you must be comfortable breaking the fourth wall. Also, in interaction with Janice there will be work with a stage gun involving sparks, smoke, and other stage effects.

Huey Maximillian Bonfigliano - “Aldo’s best friend since childhood. Huey is more obviously vulnerable.”

Huey is the type of guy who means well but sometimes messes up. He is more open with his feelings, versus Aldo who has a little more trouble opening up. He is miserable at the beginning of this story and is coming to grips with his life and what he feels he must do to be happy again.

Aunt May - “A handsome Italian woman in her middle years.”

Aunt May is the voice of reason in the play. The only elder of the group, and a widow, May is still reconciling issues of her own but has come to a certain understanding about the nature of love and life which she is watching the young people around her still struggle to understand.

Teresa - “A big striking Italian girl in her late twenties.”

Teresa is the youngest of the group. Teresa is beginning to realize the strength of her inner beauties rather than just her exterior beauty. Teresa is examining her perceptions of love, and her relationship with Huey in which she has always lived in the shadows of Janice and the ways she treated Huey.

Janice - “An angular, patrician Italian woman with strawberry blond hair and austere good looks. She’s in her thirties.”

Janice is a wild one and is the quintessential definition of a “bitch.” However, beneath Janice’s stubborn, icy façade is a fiery mix of vulnerability, loneliness, desire, and even regret. Though all these characters are complicated and multi-faceted, Janice perhaps more so than the others. As a performer if you are interested in this role, it will involve work with heights (a balcony) and a stage gun which may involve sparks, smoke, or other stage effects.

***Characters in a play are like pieces in a puzzle. The whole picture cannot be completed without all the pieces in their entirety. Particularly because of the size of this cast, I am looking not only for performers who can reveal themselves through their own character work, but who will be able to reveal the other characters through their interaction with and reactions to those other characters. This will be an ensemble production, no one part is greater than the whole!!!

 Last Updated: 7/9/07