Once Upon A Mattress

6:30-10:30pm in the Lab Theatre, Tyler Hall on the following days:

Jan 30: Vocals

Jan 31: Reading of Sides

Feb  1: Dance & Review

Sides and sign ups can be found in Room 105, Tyler Hall.



MINSTREL - Charismatic Balladeer who takes us into the world of the piece.  Ability to play instruments a plus.

WIZARD - Sidekick of Queen Aggravain.  A somewhat "Las Vegas" style entertainer desperate for his big break.

LADY LARKEN - Winsome sweet Lady in Waiting (Soprano) - Innocent natural comedienne who finds herself desperate to get Prince Dauntless wed when she learns she is pregnant with Sir Harry's Child.

SIR HARRY - Handsome, Charming - Matinee Idol looks.  Honest and handsome may not be the smartest of the bunch, but ready to be the hero of the day.  In love with Lady Larkin.

PRINCESS WINNIFRED - Our unlikely Heroine.  Born in the swamps a true princess.  She is not your "run of the mill" Disney princess - strong silly and desperately wants to be loved and in love. (think Fiona in SHREK) -A natural charismatic, and quick comedienne (Played on Originally Broadway by Carol Burnett and on TV by Tracey Ullman) -

PRINCE DAUNTLESS - Shy, sweet - a bit depressed by his lack of a bride.  Born of an overbearing mother and silent father.  Energetic, Joyful and full of heart.

QUEEN AGGRAVIAN - a bit of Norma Desmond and every Disney witch. She is desperate to keep her role as doting mother (and keep young -) She makes it very hard for her son to have a bride.  Think Patti Lupone, with a hint of Karen from Will and Grace - mixed with Cruella de Ville.

KING SEXTIMUS THE SILENT - Prince Harry's loving father- made silent by a sorceress' curse.  A physical comedian able to express physically and facially.

ALL OTHER ROLES TO BE CAST FROM OUR ENSEMBLE:  Looking for Lords and Ladies who are game to play in our absurd and fun "Shrek-like " world.    Strong actors-singers-dancers.

Cast Vocal Ranges

Minstrel - D3-G4 (B4) Tenor (or Soprano if female)

Wizard - A2-A3 Bass (or Alto if female)

Lady Larkin - Db4-F5 Alto or Mezzo Soprano

Queen Aggravain - A3-B4 Alto

Prince Dauntless - A2-E4 Baritone

Jester - D3-G4 (B4) Tenor (or Soprano if female)

Princess Winnifred - Bb3-F5 Soprano

Sir Harry - C3-G4 Tenor

Nightingale - Gb4-G5 Soprano (Tenor if male)

Knights - (TBB) A2-G4 Bass, Baritone, and Tenor roles

Ladies - (SSA) A3-B5 Alto, Soprano 1 and 2 roles

Production Team

Stage Director and Choreographer: Stephen Nachamie

Vocal Direction: Clay Price

Costume Designer: Kitty Macey

Lighting Designer: Greg Brewster

Scenic Designer: Tim Baumgartner

Sound Designer: Patrick Ostwald

Stage Manager: Ashling Costello