"This We Believe"

From ITEA (international Association

Technology Education...

Should be part of the learning experience of all students at all levels of grade and ability, in order that they may understand, function, and control their industrial/technological environment.

Requires the highest level of competence from its instructional staff. Teachers must possess creativity and ingenuity, enjoy working with people, and maintain a high degree of personal and professional integrity.

Uniquely contributes to students of all learning ability levels of both sexes and regardless of career choices. It provides equal opportunities for those of high or low economic status, and those who may choose a professional life or a future
as an industrial worker. It’s equally important to everyone, as all members of society must learn to be aware and learn effectively in tomorrow’s technological society.

Fosters an awareness of industry and enterprise and their place in the world culture. It also provides opportunities for learners to discover their talents and abilities in the areas of technology, and applied science in the world of industry.

Activities form a continuum with other visual and applied arts, ranging from the free expressive forms to the more exacting demands of machine tools and applied sciences.

Is an organization of subject matter which provides opportunity for experiences concerned with developing insights into technology, its evolution, utilization, and significance; and industry, its organization, personnel, systems, techniques,
and products; and their social/ cultural impact.

Provides technical skills and knowledge basic to most occupations and professions. Technology Education enables the future scientist and engineer to solve technical problems, and the future craftsperson or technician to develop
knowledge, skills and the ability to obtain technical information.

Provides wholesome changes to learners. These may take the form of a developed interest in the human-made world - its materials, products and processes. These changes may also involve self-evaluation of attitudes towards constructive work and how this work can be utilized for health and recreation, as well as economic value; they may involve the development of a favorable attitude toward character improvement-knowing and making the most of one’s environment.

Employs actual involvement of tools, machines and materials, which reinforces the written and spoken word. It enables all students to derive meaning from concrete experiences, which aid in the understanding of abstract ideas and the
development of concepts.

(From the "International Technology Education Association", Reston, VA)