Faculty and Staff Directory

The core faculty are full-time professors who teach Public Justice core and elective courses, advise students, and help in the planning and operation of the Department. Other full time faculty from cooperating departments also teach elective courses that Public Justice students can choose to take.  These faculty come from departments such as Anthropology, Chemistry, Counseling and Psychological Services, Human Development, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. This enhances the multidisciplinary character of the program.

Adjunct faculty, professionals who work in the Public Justice field and who have specialized expertise, may offer courses that serve as electives for the Public Justice program.


Full Time Faculty Adjunct Faculty
Karel Kurst-Swanger,Ph.D Caren Avery
Omara Rivera-Vazquez, Ph.D Daniel Cantone
Marc Greco
Thomas Ingram
Visiting Full Time Faculty Michael Walsh
Diane Brand, M.A.
Christopher Kopacki, Ph.D
Carolyn D'Argenio, M.S. 
Department Secretary
Michele Fischetti