Degree Programs

The Public Justice major at Oswego is an interdisciplinary bachelor of arts program based in the liberal arts with special emphasis in the social and behavioral sciences.  The Public Justice Major B.A. Degree requires 15 semester hours of core requirements and 21 semester hours of required electives, for a total of 36 semester hours for the degree.

The Public Justice minor at Oswego is an interdisciplinary minor based in the liberal arts with special emphasis in the social and behavioral sciences. The Public Justice minor is designed to expose students to multiple facets of the public justice system, including civil and criminal legal processes and human services. Students will augment the required core courses by drawing from a list of elective offered in a variety of disciplines. The Public Justice minor requires 9 semester hours of core requirements and 12 semester hours of required electives.

The Forensic Science minor is also an interdisciplinary program developed jointly by the Chemistry and Public Justice Departments. The Forensic Science minor addresses the needs of students planning a career applying science to law by offering courses in criminalistic chemistry and forensic science.  A number of our alumni are working for the F.B.I. and other forensic laboratories. The program consists of 10 semester hours of chemistry and 9 semester hours of public justice courses.

The interdisciplinary course of Pre-law study in Public Justice is a good choice for students preparing for law school. Pre-law stresses breadth of knowledge and intellectual flexibility.

Students interested in pre-law should declare their interest as early as possible so that they can be assigned to an appropriate advisor. While all Public Justice interest areas require the formation of a close relationship between the student and his or her advisor, pre-law is an especially comprehensive educational experience requiring a full four years of planning and study.

Interested in declaring Public Justice as your major?  Click here to view an informational powerpoint presentation about Public Justice. You must meet with the Advisement Coordinator, Professor Diane Brand  to fill out your paperwork and officially declare PBJ as your major.  Professor Diane Brand  is located in room 442 Mahar Hall, phone: 312-3209, email: