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Best PSY 290 Research Paper Contest

Each semester, instructors for PSY290, Research Methods in Psychology, are invited to submit the best student paper(s) from each class. The Prize is a $50 cash award to the winner. Three of the instructors evaluate the candidate papers (blind) and select a winner. Four criteria are used to evaluate the papers: Scientific approach; Writing; APA Style and presentation; Contribution. The student's permission is required for participation in the contest.

Semester Winning Author Finalists (in alphabetical order)
Spring 2009 Michelle Brooks Amanda Carpenter, Jackie Gilmartin

Fall 2008

Nicole Vida Bobby Fantone, Laura Mitchell
Spring 2008 Wayne Weibel Jennifer Loft, Alicia Messenger, Lori Moreth, Dan Semeraro, Mian Wang
Fall 2007 Mary Beth Bova Kristin Arone, Angela Hoefer, & Andrea Viscusi; Amy Boleto; Anthony Casabianca, Nate Earl, & Chris O'Brien; Kate Howard; Jessica Movalli; Heather White
Spring 2007 Lauren Leary Tracy Leonard, Brennan Payne, Shannan Renik, Danielle Sandberg
Summer/Fall 2006 Erin M. Pierce Melissa Canestrare, Sara DeChick, Steve Dougherty, Carol Gazitano
Spring 2006 Aimee Walker Jim Arnold, Trista Kincaid, Sara Palmer
Fall 2005 Daniel Hipp Maggie Murphy, Jason Narad, David Stanko, Anke Walter
Spring 2005 Lisa Rauschmeier Leigh Ballard, Audrey Hagar, Lindsay Russell, Ashley Sansalone, Kate Wynkoop

Fall 2004

Nora Gannon Katie Lewis, James Liddle, Jennifer Winterfield
Spring 2004 Vera Thompson Carol Simpson, Debbi Tyler
Fall 2003 Chad Goodell Sarah Battaglia, Tracy Stuart
Spring 2003 June Rickli Penny Levensailor, Abby Oliver