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History of Psychology
Contains links on the histories of specific Psychology Departments, artifacts, other courses on the history of psychology, images related to the history of psychology, writings, specific topics within psychology and links to famous people

History of Psychology Headlines
History of psychology from 1650 to 1959 presented in the form of newspaper headlines

Mind and Body: Rene Descartes to William James
This exhibition explores the different perspectives of the mind-body issue

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Contains entries for philosophers and issues in philosophy

The Barnard College Psychology Department History of Psychology Collection
This is a collection of apparatus dating back to 1889. Also contains links to other H&S sites

Today in the History of Psychology
The American Psychological Association database of events in the history of psychology was published (Street, W.R (1994). A chronology of noteworthy events in American Psychology. Washington, D.C. American Psychological Association.) This is an interactive, on-line version of that publication

The Lifschitz Psychology Virtual Museum
This virtual museum provides a variety of exhibits regarding the many facets of psychology.

History of Neuroscience

Cyber Museum of Neurosurgery

History Of Psychology Archives
This is a tremendous compendium of information related to the history of psychology by the students and faculty at Muskingum College, coordinated by D.J. Costanzo

Museum of the History of Psychological Instrumentation
This site consists of an On-Line Cyber-Museum with downloadable illustrations showing collections of early psychological laboratory research apparatus. Thomas B. Perera, Montclair State University developed this site

Brass Instrument Psychology at the University of Toronto
A museum of the instruments used in the laboratories of James Mark Baldwin and August Kirschmann in their laboratories in the University of Toronto during the late 19th century

American Psychological Associaton Archives
The Association Archives seeks to document the development of the field of psychology in America. This site is still under construction but when complete it will provide access to information including biographical, images and historical influences

History of Medicine

The History of Phrenology on the Web

History & Philosophy of Psychology Web Resources

Historic Asylums

Image Archive on the American Eugenics Movement


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Contains entries for philosophers and issues in philosophy

People in Psychology
This web site contains a tremendous number of links to sites about famous psychologists and the people who influence the development of psychology

Famous Figures in Psychology
Another list of links to famous Psychologists and people who influenced the development of psychology

John Dewey - The Center for Dewey Studies
This site was created by Larry Hickman, Director, The Center for Dewey Studies,
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Sigmund Freud Archives
Created by Robert Salnave for the New York Psychoanalytic Institute

Sigmund Freud Museum - Vienna

William James
Everything you wanted to know about William James. Includes complete copies of his Principles of Psychology. Developed by Frank Pajares at Emory University

Kurt Lewin
Compiled by Julie Greathouse

B.F. Skinner Foundation

Jean Piaget Society


Resources for History and Systems
Resource Guide: History of Psychology
Compiled by Miriam Josephs at St. Louis University. Includes an extensive listing of print and web publications related to History and Systems.

Classics in the History of Psychology
Site maintained by Christopher Green at York University. Includes original sources.

Mind and Body: Rene Descartes to William James
This is a museum exhibit presenting the varied views of the Mind - Body issue from the 17th century with the development of Descartes views to 1890 with the publication of William James' Principles of Psychology This exhibit was put together by Robert H. Woniak at Bryn Mawr College.

Women in Psychology
Linda Woolf's excellent site discussing the contributions women have made to psychology

Donders and Reaction Time
This site, developed by Paul Grobstein and Sasha Schwartz at Bryn Mawr College, discusses the role of reaction time in the study of psychology. It also includes reaction time demonstrations and a list of related web sites