Faculty and Staff Directory

Stephen A. Wurst

wurst Office: Mahar 465A
Phone: 315.312.3460
EMail: stephen.wurst@oswego.edu


Fall 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number:  PSY 401-800 / 80L
Course Title:  Perception With Lab
Lecture Day(s):  Monday & Wednesday
Lecture Time:  8:45-10:05
Lecture Location:  Mahar 118
Lab Day(s):  Monday
Lab Time:  1:50-3:50
Lab Location:  Campus Center 206

Course Number:  PSY 401-810 / 81L
Course Title:  Perception With Lab
Lecture Day(s):  Tuesday & Thursday
Lecture Time:  9:35-10:55
Lab Location:  Mahar 107
Lab Day:  Monday
Lab Time:  1:50-3:50
Lab Location:  Campus Center 206

Course Number:  PSY 410-800
Course Title:  Sport Psychology
Day(s):  Tuesday & Thursday
Time:  2:20-3:40
Location:  Mahar 119

Fall 2013 Office Hours:
Day:                           Time:   
Day:                          Time:    
Day:                          Time:   

Spring 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number: PSY 100-800
Course Title: Principles of Human Behavior
Day(s): T Th
Time: 2:20-3:40
Location: Mahar 216

Course Number:  PSY 100-870
Course Title:  Principles of Human Behavior
Day(s):  T Th
Time:  11:10-12:30
Location:  Mahar 201

Course Number:  PSY 401-800/80L
Course Title:  Perception With Lab
Lecture Day(s):  M W
Time:  8:45-10:05
Location: Mahar 111
Lab Day(s):  M
Time:  3:00-5:00
Location: Mahar 302

Spring 2013 Office Hours:
Day(s):    Monday                           Time:    2:30-3:00 
Day(s):    Tuesday & Thursday       Time:    1:00-2:00  

Research Interests:
Stephen Wurst, an experimental psychologist, investigates various topics in human visual processing. These topics include depth perception, visual persistence, short-term visual memory, and attention. He is also interested in applied research, such as human-computer interaction, the effects of disability simulations, and studies innovations in the teaching of psychology. 

Professional Information:
Ph.D.: Experimental Psychology, New York University
 Experimental Psychology, Villanova University
 Psychology, Lebanon Valley College

Professional Organizations:
Eastern Psychological Association

Recent Papers and Publications:
Wurst, S. A. (2002, March).  "New York State of Illusion":  Geographic example of the horizontal-vertical illusion?".  Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Boston.

Wurst, S. A. (2001, Octobr).  "Spin A. Calder":  Intergrating art into perception courses.  Poster presented at the Annual Northeastern Conference for Teachers of Psychology, Danbury, CT.

Wurst, S. A., & Wolford, K. (2000).  Integrating disability awareness into psychology courses:  Applications in abnormal psychology and perception.  In Ware, M. E., & Johnson, D. E. (eds.), Handbook of demonstrations and activities in the teaching of psychology:  Volume III.  Mahwah, NJ:  Erlbaum.

Wurst, S. A. (1998, February). Brief film clips as "teasers" for introductory psychology. Paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Boston.

Wurst, S. A., & Sargent, D. M. (1997, October). Learning to do distance learning: Trial (and errors) in our first year. Paper presented at the Fourth Northeastern Conference for Teachers of Psychology, Ithaca, NY.

Dottolo, A., Wurst, S. A., & Lindenberg, L. (1996, March). Sexual harassment accusations: Credibility affected by participant's gender and situational outcome. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Philadelphia.

Wurst, S. A. (1994). Generating stereoscopic displays with eye lines: Applications in instruction and research.  Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 26, 148-150.