Faculty and Staff Directory

Dorothy Shedlock

shedlock Chairperson, Human Development Program
Office: Mahar 462
Phone: 315.312.3461
EMail: dorothy.shedlock@oswego.edu


Fall 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number:  HDV 301-800/80L
Course Title:  Research Methods I
Lecture Day(s):  Tuesday, Thursday
Time:  9:35-10:55
Location:  Mahar 103
Lab Day:  Tuesday
Time:  12:45-2:05
Location:  Mahar 302

Course Number:  PSY 323-800
Course Title:  Adolescent Psychology
Day(s):  Tuesday, Thursday
Time:  11:10-12:30
Location:  Mahar 217

Fall 2013 Office Hours:
Day(s):                                 Time: 
Day(s):                                 Time:   

Spring 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number:  HDV 323-810
Course Title:  Adolescent Development 
Day(s):  T Th
Time:  12:45-2:05
Location:  Lanigan 105

Course Number:  HDV 324-800
Course Title:  Adult Development
Day(s):  T Th
Time:  2:20-3:40
Location:  Mahar 202

Spring 2013 Office Hours:
Day(s):  Monday            Time:  12:00-2:00
Day(s):  Thursday          Time:  10:00-12:00

Research Interests:
Dorothy Shedlock is interested in lifespan development, especially during adulthood. Her research explores wisdom, a phenomenon that involved the integration of cognitive expertise and outstanding judgment in life matters with exceptional personality development. Wisdom is a potential gain that may offset declines that commonly occur in many domains of later-life functioning. She is also interested in social personality development, especially the formation and dynamics of close personal relationships. She has conducted research on how adolescent relationships with parents and peers influences their adjustment and achievement in college.

Professional Information:
Ph.D.:  (January 1998) Human Development, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.  Dissertation: Wisdom: Assessment, Development, and Correlates
M.A.: (June 1995) Human Development , Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.
B.A.: (May 1991) Major in Psychology, Minor in Literature, Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York. -- Summa Cum Laude

Professional Organizations:
American Psychological Association
American Psychological Society
Society for Research in Child Development
State Society on Aging of New York

Recent Papers and Publications:
Shedlock, D., & Cornelius, S. W.  Wisdom assessment and antecedents.  Manuscript in preparation.

Shedlock, D., & Cornelius, S. W.  Implicit theories of wisdom: Exploration of individual differences in a prototype approach.  Manuscript under revision.