Faculty & Staff Directory

Edward Lonky

Lonky Philosophy-Psychology Major Coordinato

Office: Mahar 318
Phone: 315.312.3292
EMail: edward.lonky@oswego.edu


Fall 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number:  PSY 330-ON1
Course Title:  Educational Psychology

Course Number:  PSY 475-820
Course Title:  History & Current Systems in Psychology
Day(s):  Wednesday
Time:  4:10-6:50
Location:  Mahar 114

Course Number:  PSY 475-830
Course Title:  History & Current Systems in Psychology
Day(s):  Tuesday & Thursday
Time:  8:00-9:20
Location:  Lanigan 103

Fall 2013 Office Hours: 
Day(s):  Wednesday
Time:  2:30-4:00

Spring 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number:  HON 200-810
Course Title:  Basic Concepts in Social Sciences
Day(s):   T Th
Time:  9:35-10:55
Location:  Mahar 314

Course Number:  PSY 330-SL1
Course Title:
  Educational Psychology
Day(s):  WEB

Course Number:  PSY 475-800
Course Title:  History & Current Systems in Psychology
Day(s):  T Th
Time:  8:00-9:20
Location:  Lanigan 102

Spring 2013 Office Hours:
Day:   Wednesday
Time:  8:30-10:30

Research Interests:
Edward Lonky is a developmental psychologist whose work has focused on cognitive, moral and social development and the application of developmental psychology and human motivation to education and school achievement.  His current research examines environmental toxins effects on cognitive development during infancy, childhood and adolescence, and correlates of healthy teenage pregnancy and parenting.

Professional Information:
Ph.D.: (1978) University of Wisconsin, Madison
M.A.: (1975) Alfred University
B.A.: (
1972) SUNY Binghamton

Professional Organizations:
American Psychological Association
Society for Research in Child Development
Jean Piaget Society
Great Lakes Research Consortium

Recent Papers and Publications:
Stewart, P., Lonky, E., Reihman, J., Pagano, J., Gump, B., Darvill, T., & Cernichiari, E. (2008).  The relationship between prenatal PCB exposure and intelligence (IQ) in 9-year old children.   Environmental Health Perspectives.

Stewart, P., Reihman, J., Lonky, E., Gump, B., Darvill, T., & Pagano, J. (2005) .  Response inhibition at 8 and 9 1/2 years in children prenatally exposed to PCBs.  Neurotoxicology & Teratology.  

Stewart, P., Reihman, J., Lonky, E., Darvill, T., & Pagano, J. (2004).  Prenatal PCB exposure and neurobehavioral development in infants and children:  Can the Oswego study inform the current debate?  Psychology in the Schools.  41(6):639-653. 

Stewart, P., Reihman, J., Lonky, E., & Darvill, T. (2003).  Cognitive development in school-age children prenatally exposed to PCBs and MeHg.  Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 25(1):11-22. 

Darvill, T., Lonky, E., Reihman, J., Stewart, P., & Pagano, J. (2001).  Prenatal Exposure to PCBs and infant performance on the Fagan Test of Infant Intelligence.  Neurotoxicology, 21(6):1029-1038.