Faculty & Staff Directory

Matthew Dykas

Mahar 402A
Phone: 315.312.4013
EMail: matt.dykas@oswego.edu
Home Page: www.sunyradlab.org


Fall 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number:  PSY 320-800
Course Title:  Developmental Psychology
Lecture Day(s):  Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Time:  9:10-10:05
Location:  Lanigan 107

Course Number:  PSY 426-800
Course Title:  Adv. Topics in Psychology:  Developmental Interpersonal Relationships
Lecture Day(s):  Tuesday
Time:  5:30-8:15
Location:  Mahar 106

Fall 2013 Office Hours:
Day(s):                                 Time: 
Day(s):                                 Time: 

Spring 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number:  PSY 290-850 / 85L
Course Title:  Research Methods in Psychology
Lecture Day(s):  T Th
Time:  9:35-10:55
Location:  Mahar 107
Lab Day(s):  M
Time:  9:10-11:10
Location:  Mahar 302

Course Number:  PSY 290-HY1 / HYL  (Course Team Taught with Dr. Christina Leclerc)
Course Title:  Research Methods in Psychology
Lecture Day(s):  SLNWEB
Lecture Time: 
Lecture Location:
Lab Day(s): 
Lab Time:  5:30-7:30
Lab Location:  Mahar 302

Course Number:  PSY 320-SLN
Course Title:  Developmental Psychology
Day(s):  SLNWEB

Spring 2013 Office Hours:
Day:  Tuesday & Thursday       Time:  11:00-12:30

Research Interests:
Matthew Dykas is a developmental psychologist whose expertise and theoretical interests lie in the area of children's and adolescents' social and emotional development. His current research program focuses principally on understanding how children and adolescents cognitively represent their experiences in close social relationships and how such cognitive representations are connected to the ways in which these individuals process social information and behave towards others.

Professional Information:

NIMH Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: (2006 – 2007) Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire

Ph.D.: (2006) Developmental Psychology, University of Maryland

M.A.: (2003) Developmental Psychology, University of Maryland

B.A.: (2000) Psychology and Religious Studies, Phi Beta Kappa, Fairfield University

Professional Organizations:
American Psychological Association
Society for Research in Child Development

Recent Papers:
You can find a list of recent publications at Dr. Dykas' Home Page (see link above).