Faculty & Staff Directory

Rebecca Burch


Office: Mahar 404
Phone: 315.312.3463
EMail: rebecca.burch@oswego.edu


Fall 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number:  HDV 313-800
Course Title:  Sexuality in HDV
Lecture Day(s):  Tuesday,  Thursday
Time:  2:20-3:40
Location:  Lanigan 106

Course Number:  HDV 380-800
Course Title:  Topics in HDV:  Global Human Development
Lecture Day(s):  Monday
Time:  7:00-9:40 p.m.
Location:  Hart 001

Fall 2013 Office Hours:

Spring 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number:  HDV 313-800
Course Title:  Sexuality in HDV
Day(s):  T Th
Time:  11:10-12:30
Location:  Lanigan 103

Course Number:  HDV 370-800
Course Title:  Evolution & Human Behavior
Day(s):  T Th
Time:  2:20-3:40
Location:  Mahar 122

Course Number:  HDV 376-800  (Team Taught with Dr. David Sargent)
Course Title:  Sustainablity & Human Behavior
Day(s):  T Th
Time:  9:35-10:55
Location:  Mahar 103 

Course Number:   HDV 380-800
Course Title:  Topics:  Women in the World
Day(s):   M
Time:  7:30 p.m. - 10:10 p.m.
Location:  Hart 1 

Spring 2013 Office Hours:
Day:    T & Th
Time:   1:00-2:00 

Research Interests:
Rebecca Burch's program of research involves the evolutionary basis of human behavior (specifically domestic violence, psychopathology, and sexual behavior), including aspects of behavioral endocrinology and comparative psychology.  One of my current research projects is investigating factors in domestic violence including sexual jealousy, the abusive individual's childhood, paternal uncertainty and the effect of paternal resemblance on spouse and child abuse, parenting behavior and investment.  I am also interested in the effect of reproductive factors (pregnancy, menstrual cycle phase, hormonal contraceptive use, infertility) on behavior, as well as the role sexual activity itself plays in premenstrual syndrome, female sexual interest and activity, menstrual cycle length and variability, menstrual synchrony, and attitudes toward the sexual relationship.  There are also factors in attractivess, sexual behavior and infidelity that I find interesting and worthy of investigation.     

Professional Information:
Ph.D.: (2002), University at Albany, SUNY, Albany,  New York.  Dissertation:  Antidepressant properties of semen:  Extensions and implications for human female sexual behavior.
B.S.:  (1995) Psychology, State University of New York at Brockport, Brockport, New York
A.S.:  (1993) Liberal Arts, Adirondack Community College, Glens Falls, New York

Professional Organizations:
American Society of Primatologists
Human Behavior and Evolution Society
International Society for Human Ethology
New York State Psychological Association

Recent Papers and Publications:
Burch, R. L. and Gallup, G. G. Jr. (2004).  Is pregnancy a stimulus for domestic violence?  Journal of Family Violence, 19 (4), 243-247.

Gallup, G. G. Jr. and Burch, R. L. (2004).  Semen displacement as a sperm competition strategy.  Evolutionary Psychology 2, 12-23.

Gallup, G. G. Jr., Burch, R. L., Zappieri, M., Parvez, R., and Stockwell, M.  (2003).  The human penis as a semen displacement devie.  Evolution and Human Behavior 24, 277-289.

Platek, S. M., Critton, S. R., Burch, R. L., Frederick, D. A., Myers, T. S. and Gallup, G. G. Jr. (2003).  How much resemblance is enough?  Determination of a just noticeable difference at which male reactions towards children's faces change from indifferent to positive.  Evolution and Human Behavior, 23, 81-87.

Gallup, G. G. Jr., Burch, R. L., and Platek, S. (2002).  Does semen contain antidepressant properties?  Archives of Sexual Behavior 39(3), 289-291.

Platek, S. M., Burch, R. L., Panyavin, I., Wasserman, B., and Gallup, G. G. Jr. (2002).  Children's faces:  Resemblance affects males but not the females.  Evolution and Human Behavior 23, 159-166.

Platek, S., Burch, R. L., and Gallup, G. G. Jr. (2001).  Sex differences in olfactory self recognition.  Physiology and Behavior 73,  635-640.

Platek, S., Burch, R. L., and Gallup, G. G. Jr. (2001).  The reproductive priming effect.  Social Behavior and Personality 29(3), 245-248.

Burch, R. L., and Gallup, G. G. Jr. (2000).  Perceptions of paternal resemblance predict family violence.  Evolution and Human Behavior 21(6),  429-435.

Burch, R. L., and Gallup, G. G. Jr. (in press).  Semen displacement as a sperm competition strategy.  In
T. Shackelford & N. Pound, (Eds.), Sperm competition in humans:  Classic and contemporary readings.  New York:  Kluwer.