New Psychology Minor

Effective Immediately, November 19, 2013

A worksheet on the new minor can be found here.

The Psychology Department has just received word from the college that the new Psychology MINOR has been approved.

The most important change to the minor is that students are no longer required to take PSY280 or PSY290; minors who are enrolled in these courses this Spring can elect to drop them.

The new minor requirements are as follows (6 courses total):

  • PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
  • One course in each following area:
    • Biological (PSY 303)
    • Clinical/Social (PSY 340 or 350)
    • Cognitive (PSY 305)
    • Developmental (PSY 200 or 320)
  • One additional PSY course under advisement.

The Psychology Department anticipates adding more classes to the biological, clinical/social, cognitive, and developmental menu options. Any additional courses will be posted on the psychology website and notices will be sent out when changes are made. (Also, the Psychology Department is reviewing the prerequisites for courses that have required PSY280 and PSY290 in the past and changes to prerequistes will be made accordingly.)

Students who are already declared Psychology Minors may complete the "old" minor OR may choose to move to the "new" minor. Students who declare a psychology minor beginning in Fall, 2014 will be placed in the "new" minor.

If you have any questions about any changes to the new Psychology minor, please contact your assigned advisor.