Dr. Craig Warkentin

Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Warkentin received his PhD from the University of Kentucky. He teaches courses in international politics, global issues, and women's studies. He also serves as Chair of the Political Science department and Coordinator for the Peace and Conflict Studies minor. Professor Warkentin's research interests are in the areas of international organization and global gender issues, and his publications include articles and book chapters on NGOs, global civil society, women's movements, gender and development, the United Nations, and multilateral diplomacy. His book, Reshaping World Politics: NGOs, the Internet, and Global Civil Society, was awarded the 2002 Chadwick F. Alger Prize by the International Studies Association.

Courses Taught

POL 309, International Law
POL 319, International Organization
POL 339, International Relations Theory
POL 389, Security Studies
PCS 200, Peace and Conflict Studies
WST 300, International Perspectives on Women