Dr. Stephen J. Rosow

Professor of Political Science

Dr. Rosow received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts. He is the author of The Nation-State and Global Order (co-authored with Walter C. Opello, Jr.), now in its second edition, and various articles on political theory and international political economy. Professor Rosow teaches classes in political theory and has particular interests in critical theory, the history of political thought, and the political theory of globalization. He also sometimes teaches courses for the Honors program. Dr. Rosow's current research focuses on the modern university as a political project with a particular focus on the connections between democracy and the university. He is also researching a book on the genealogy of democratic theory, focusing on the relations between democratic politics and institutionalizations of democratic forms of power.

Dr. Rosow served as Distinguished Visiting Professor at Australian National University New South Wales during summer 2011.

Selected Publications:

Transforming Higher Education: Economy, Democracy, and the University. Lexington Books, 2010. (co-edited with Thomas Kriger)

"All in the Family: Paradigm, Tradition, and the Politics of Realism," in Rethinking Realism in International Relations: Between Tradition and Innovation, edited by Annette Freyberg-Inan, Ewan Harrison, and Patrick James. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009.

The Nation-State and Global Order: A Historical Introduction to Contemporary Politics, second edition. Lynne Reinner, 2004. (co-authored with Walter Opello)

The Global Economy As Political Spaces: Critical Perspectives on World Politics. Lynne Reinner, 1994. (co-authored with Mark Rupert, Naeem Inayatullah)

Courses offered:

POL 203, Critical Thinking in Politics
POL 303, Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
POL 313, Modern Political Thought
POL 323, Post-modern Political and Social Theory
POL 343, Democratic Theory
POL 363, Feminist Social and Political Theory