Dr. Walter C. Opello, Jr.

Professor of Political Science

Dr. Opello received his PhD from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He teaches classes on European politics, African politics, and global security issues. His research interests include political violence and the development of the state system. Among his publications are The Nation-State and Global Order (co-authored with Stephen J. Rosow), now in its second edition; Portugal: From Monarchy to Pluralist Democracy; and Portugal's Political Development. Professor Opello's latest book, European Politics: The Making of Democratic States, is co-authored with Katherine A. R. Opello.

Other Publications

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

"State Making and Democracy in Portugal," Portuguese Studies Review 7 (Fall 1998): 54 - 69.

"Portuguese Regionalism in the Transition from the Estado Novo to the Single Market," Journal of Regional Policy and Planning 2 (Spring-Summer 1992): 163 - 187.

"Portugal's Parliament: An Organizational Analysis of Legislative Performance," Legislative Studies Quarterly 11 (August, 1986): 291-319.

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"Pluralism and Elite Conflict in an Independence Movement: FRELIMO in the 1960's," Journal of Southern African Studies 2 (October, 1975): 68-84.

Courses Taught

POL 307, European Politics
POL 327, African Politics
POL 359, Nation-State and Global Order
POL 369, Terrorism and Political Violence
POL 379, War, Technology, and the State