Faculty and Staff

Dr. Carolina C. Ilie

  • Ph.D. University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • M.Sc. The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
  • M.Sc. University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
Professional Activities and Interests:
  • Solid state physics: surface science, polymers, adsorption and absorption
  • Boron carbide
  • Chemical Physics

Awards and Honors:
  • Physical Electronics Conference, Nottingham Prize Finalist, 2008
  • Gordon Research Conference, Young Investigator Competition Award, 2007
  • Sigma Xi Graduate Research Poster Competition Award, 2007
  • Division of Chemical Physics, American Physical Society Award, 2007
  • Prepare Future Faculty Fellow, 2006
  • Gordon Research Conference, Chair’s Fund for Early Career Scientists, 2005
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Othmer Fellowship for Exceptional Scholars, 2003-2006
Recent Publications:
  • P. A. Dowben, Luis G. Rosa, Carolina C. Ilie, “Water Interactions with Crystalline Polymers with Large Dipoles”, Z.Phys. Chem. 222 (2008), 755-778- review article
  • Carolina C. Ilie, P.A. Jacobson, I.N. Yakovkin, Matt Poulsen, D. Sahadeva Reddy, James M. Takacs, and P.A. Dowben, “Activated Water Desorption from Poly(methylvinylidene cyanide)”, J. Phys. Chem. B 111 (2007) 7742-7746
  • Carolina C. Ilie, P. A. Jacobson, Matt Poulsen, Luis G. Rosa, D. Sahadeva-Reddy, James M. Takacs, Stephen Ducharme, and P. A. Dowben, “Angle Resolved Thermal Desorption Studies for Poly(methylvinylidene cyanide) and Poly(vinylidenefluoride trifluoroethylene)”, MRS Symposium Proceedings (2007) 0947-A03-01
  • P.A. Jacobson, Carolina C. Ilie, I.N. Yakovkin, Matt Poulsen, D. Sahadeva Reddy, James M. Takacs, and P.A. Dowben, “Water Absorption and Desorption from the Dipole Ordered Polymer Poly(methylvinylidene cyanide)”, J. Phys. Chem. B 110 (2006) 15389-15392
  • Carolina C. Ilie, Snjezana Balaz, Luis G. Rosa, Jiandi Zhang, P. Lunca-Popa, Christopher Bianchetti, Roland Tittsworth, J.I. Brand, B. Doudin, P.A. Dowben, “The Coadsorption and Interaction of Molecular Icosahedra with Mercury”, Applied Physics A 81 (2005) 1613-1618
  • Carolina C. Ilie, Petru Lunca-Popa, Jiandi Zhang, Bernard Doudin, Peter A. Dowben, “Mercury and C2B10 Icosahedra Interaction”, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 848 (2005) FF6.5.1-FF6.5.6